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    Is your education a top priority ?

    created by animal lover 188 days 12 hours 26 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Is your education a top priority ?

    Hello CNET,

    I hope you are having a happy Sunday !

    Is your education a top priority ?
    What have you sacrificed ?

    Everything I do is for my education. I have sacrificed my friends , time , relationships all so I can get an education. I do not have time to mess up. College cost way too much money to trip up or get distracted. My education is going to be my ticket to the life I know I deserve. I have the drive and passion to get to my goal in life. Education is the foundation to a solid life.

    What is your experience ?

    - Julia

    Re: Is your education a top priority ?

    Hi Julia,

    I think I live life like everything is a lesson. In terms of type education such as college or university, I think it is very important and I wish I could constantly be studying. However, I love traveling and I learn so much from all of the places I go and experiences I get. That may not be your conventional way of learning but I think you can learn just as much if not more by traveling rather than sitting in the classroom.


    Re: Is your education a top priority ?


    Yes, Education is definitely a priority for me. I have given up so much just to get a decent education. I am in nursing school now and I don't have time to do anything. I can't even live my own life. I feel like All I am doing constantly is studying, studying and more studying. I don't have time to spend with my baby boy which makes me really sad. I am missing so many things just so I can provide a better life for him in the future. I am doing all for my family and It's really challenging. I know it will all be worth it at the end. My family members are wonderful people because they understand my situation. They have even stepped up to look after my baby just so I can finish school. I don't know where I would be or what I would do without such great family who is supporting me in every step of the way. So yes education is my number one priority right now so I can help as many people as I can throughout my life and also give back to my loved ones the same support that they gave me in my journey.

    Thanks and have a wonderful evening!

    Re: Is your education a top priority ?

    Hey Julia :)

    Although I am not currently in school I think that education is extremely important and have always felt that way. I am a strong advocate for education for all. I currently work in a High School and am constantly telling my students how important it is to "get an education". I tell them exactly what you said that a good education is "their ticket to a better life". It is so important to take a good education seriously.

    I agree with both you and Nancy in terms of the sacrifices that most have to make to be able to "get an education". It can be very challenging.

    I also agree with Noa that life experiences teach us wonderful lessons in life and that in my opinion they can complement a good formal education.

    Thanks for the post!

    Have a good one!


    Re: Is your education a top priority ?

    I think life lessons come from experiences. But , my money goes to my education. I do not have extra money to travel. Or a wealthy family to back me up. I agree in taking breaks from school and explore the world. Its just my direct focus is paying for tuition. The whole point is me getting an education to have money so I can travel and have a life. I can't learn veterinary medicine without some book work. Overall x my education is so I can have a degree that can take anywhere. Once I get my degree I can move where ever I want. I think the smallperiod of time getting a education is far less than the time I will spend using the rewards of my sacrifice for my education.

    Thanks Noa , Nancy and Kathy I appreciate each of your opinions ;)

    Re: Is your education a top priority ?

    Hey Julia,
    I completely agree with you.
    Now, I am already done with both my undergraduate and graduate degree, but I was exactly the same as you are. I always took my education very seriously and I still take my career very seriously.

    Don't ever feel bad for doing what you need to do to accomplish things that you want. It will all pay off I nthe end.


    Re: Is your education a top priority ?

    Hello Julia!

    At the moment, education is my main priority. I want to get my schooling completed that way I can continue and grow in my career. I'm currently working a full time job while completing my masters and I am just ready to get school out of the way.

    I have been able to speak to some of my colleagues that are older and more experienced than I am and many of them recommend completing my masters. They said that a lot of doors open up once my masters is completed.

    Plus, school is expensive so for right now, I want to focus on paying for it and getting that done too.

    Re: Is your education a top priority ?

    Vnopanda and Jessica , It seems like we have similar opinions about education. Once it's all out of the way I'll be ready to try and branch out. I defenitly will take breaks in between and see the world and have as many life experiences as I can. I also want to just be the best student I can. I believe life is defenitly a balance of both. Everyone I this forum sounds like they all have a goal for their education and nothing will stop them.

    Thanks to everyone for commenting I really enjoyed reading each post !