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    How did you file this year?

    created by JessicaZ. 188 days 13 hours 54 minutes ago

    Category: World

    How did you file this year?

    Hey guys!

    How did you do your taxes this year? Mail or e-file? Did you do them yourself or hire a third party?

    Do you have plans for your refund?

    I filed electronically by myself through the IRS e-file site, it was actually pretty easy and I saved money by not going to a third party.

    My refund isn't spoken for yet, still figuring out the best way to save or spend it.

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: How did you file this year?

    Hey Jessica,

    I plan on doing my taxes tomorrow night after class. I usually wait until the last minute to do them so I'm spot on. I plan on filing them electronically as well and I'm hoping that I will get a refund this year because my husband and I need a second car.


    Re: How did you file this year?

    Hey Jess!

    I don't know anything about taxes haha! If it weren't for my father, I would be arrested!

    To my knowledge, my dad filed our taxes electronically with TurboTax. I haven't received my refund yet; however, I should get it in by Tuesday! I haven't decided what I am going to do with it yet. It is probably just save up for tuition or maybe I will use it to go on a trip!

    Have a good day! :)


    Re: How did you file this year?

    Hey Jessica!

    I filed my taxes on TurboTax this year! They have a free platform that is easy to use, and my taxes were simple enough I could just do them myself!

    I love tax season because I always get money back, but my dad hates them because he owns his own business and always has to pay haha.

    I got my refund back already and used 90% of it to pay toward my student loans! The rest I used as spending money for my vacation to Hawaii :)


    Re: How did you file this year?

    Hi Jessica,

    I filed electronically using Turbo Tax. I've used Turbo Tax for over ten years. It's pretty simple once I have all the documents. I filed at the end of January as soon as I had all of the documents I needed. I haven't ever owed, so when I know I'm owed money, I don't wait around to get it, I file as soon as possible. We saved over half of our return this year and used some to buy furniture. I like saving about half and spending about half since I don't splurge on much throughout the year. That's my little reward for being good.