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    Clean, messy or in between?

    created by Jmolina06 188 days 14 hours 18 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Clean, messy or in between?

    Good morning,

    I am a clean person . I hate seeing things out of place . I blame this on my mother. She was really strict on our cleanness. My husband tells me I have OCD. Which I might have . But I like walking around a clean house . It makes me feel comfortable and fresh. My husband is in between . At first he was a hot mess though. Now when things are out of place it bugs him. He blames it on me . Lol .

    How about you guys? Clean, messy or in between ?


    Re: Clean, messy or in between?

    Hi Jessica,

    I'm a clean person and frankly I can't rest unless everything is in it's proper place. I was raised this way as well. My mom always told me that cleanliness is next to Godliness and I have raised my kids the same way. They often make fun of me by saying that I'm also OCD, but I don't care as long as things are in their proper place. I can't even do homework or anything else for that matter until my house is clean.


    Re: Clean, messy or in between?

    Hi Jessica

    I am in between. Because my schedule is so hectic, I am rarely at home, so my room is often junky. I am an organized mess though. I know where all of my things are. I can deal with junk, but not dirt. Meaning I can deal with things not being super neat, but not with food or liquids or anything of the sort. However, if I come into my room looking a mess on an off day it will drive me into an anxiety attack. Idk it's weird.

    Re: Clean, messy or in between?


    I am definitely in between! Sometimes I can be organized and I enjoy having things clean but They dont have to be. I can still work in a messy environment. Sometimes when my closet gets a little out of hand I still know where things are!



    Re: Clean, messy or in between?

    I am usually "clean" but very cluttered with papers.

    I mean to say that I don't leave food or chemical messes lying around, but at the same time, I tend to forget to put things away that I have used or occasionally have a small pile of clean laundry from the dryer laying on the floor.


    Re: Clean, messy or in between?

    Hi Jessica!

    I am very much like you. I HATE seeing things out of place. It even annoys me when I go shopping and its super messy. I get the urge to just start cleaning. I have started adopting the idea of not having a lot of clutter around the house. This means that I only keep the things that I use and only keep the things that makes me feel good (i.e. clothes that I know looks good on me). I've been doing this for about a year and I have noticed that my stress level has been significantly been reduced. Its also nice looking at my closet knowing that whatever I grab, it will look good on me.

    I love organizing. Its almost like my stress reviler If you guys ever need some organization ideas, hit me up :) .