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    Are you proud of how your school handles things?

    created by Savann96 190 days 18 hours 32 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Are you proud of how your school handles things?

    At the moment, I'm disgusted and angry about how my school handles specific topics. In case you're wondering, I go to Michigan State University, so that should say a lot. You might have heard about the most recent upset at the Board of Trustees meeting, in which one of the survivors of Larry Nassar made the startling accusation that she was offered money just to drop her civil lawsuit against the school by the new interim president. To go along with that, a woman had come forward to say that she had been raped by three basketball players, but when she tried to report it, she was heavily discouraged into not doing it. It's all really disturbing and sickening at the same time.

    Recently, there was news that the tuition rates would be going up again, and there is wide speculation that the school is doing this out of desperation to pay for all of the money owed to the victims of Larry Nassar, among other things.

    So how does your school handle things? Are they pretty on top of it, or are they similar to my school in some respects? I'm curious to see your answers.

    Re: Are you proud of how your school handles things?


    Wow that is very disturbing. I wouldn’t even want to be in that school and transfer somewhere else.

    For me I attend South College in Nashville. It’s a new location that they opened. I never heard anything bad about this school. I was actually at Aquinas college but they shut down their nursing programs along with others. I had no other choice but going to South. So far it’s great and i haven’t heard anything bad about them. I have only been attending since last october so i hope everything is the same by the time i graduate.

    Thank you and Have a nice day!

    Re: Are you proud of how your school handles things?


    Wow that sounds awful!

    I go to a CUNY, which is part of the public college system in NYC. It's very unique because it's a four year college at the price of a community college. CUNY has its ups and downs and handles things the way a government would because it's mostly state and city funded. Right now, adjunct professors are protesting that they are getting paid little over minimum wage. I am not actively involved in that battle so I don't know how CUNY is handling it, but I know that it has been escalating recently.

    CUNY relies on a lot of private donors so many of their decisions are based on the opinions of those funding the school. Again, I'd say that has ups and downs. All in all, I'm getting a great college education for less than the cost of one year at a state school so I'm not complaining.

    Monica M.

    Re: Are you proud of how your school handles things?

    Hey Hey!

    Uh, ...good lord. I was going to say that I do not like how my school has distributed the parking situation with all the construction going on at campus right now but...I cant help but feel like it is not so important suddenly. Although, ...nope. Cant even pretend to care given the whole mistreatment of sexual assault victims thing is mentioned. My legs do get tired though walking so far from the parking structure.

    Re: Are you proud of how your school handles things?

    Hi Savann,

    I'm not aware of any controversial issues at my school or the one I will be transferring to. My experiences have been mostly positive with the exception of dealing with a couple staff in the financial aid office that were not doing their job correctly, but they are no longer there. I've heard a lot of stories about rape and hazing on college campuses around the country that sadly don't seem to have been handled appropriately. Rather than sweep it under the rug to protect their "image," I think it would be more impressive to expose and punish the behavior. It would demonstrate they have integrity and won't tolerate the behavior, which I think would make people feel safe, and aren't just in such an important field for the money.

    Re: Are you proud of how your school handles things?

    Hi Savann,

    Good grief! If I am at your college, I would probably consider transferring somewhere else too. I surely have heard about the Larry Nassar incident, but never thought it would lead to more serious troubles at MSU. I hope your college’s administrators will find a good way out of the current situation.

    For me, I attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute, which I think is a great school for anyone interested in technology. For my knowledge, I have not heard of any serious situations that put our school under public pressure, since they have dedicated special programs for almost everything (especially regarding sexual assault, I would say). One thing I like most about this college is that our working staffs care a lot about students. Even the president makes office hour weekly just so she can hear more from WPI students, in order to know which aspects that our school need to improve.

    Still, just recently, we are under a ridiculous lawsuit - a donor controversy (hah...). In short, our most generous donor (Robert Foisie) is claimed by his e-wife that his charitable gifts for our school included the money he illegally hid from her. So this basically is some serious, messed-up family issue. The problem, I heard, is that even though we already used that money he offered to build another building and open a “Foisie” business program, his ex-wife claim that the donated money is illegal and thus we have to pay back to her. So this is probably the most serious situation we have faced so far, and our school’s administration officers are following closely with the lawsuit, in an attempt to claim our innocence (which is obviously true).

    Thanks for the forum,

    Have a wonderful Sunday, and enjoy a day off tomorrow!

    - Kevin -