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    Sharing Your Location on Social Media

    created by mkwilliams1117 190 days 21 hours 5 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Sharing Your Location on Social Media

    Good Morning CNet!

    I was watching a crime show last night on television after working an event all day for my small business. On the show, a person was robbed and murdered by someone who saw that they weren't home on social media, because the person posted where they were. The criminal knew from their post that they weren't home, and figured out by their posts when they would be home.

    The detective in the show said "you wouldn't post a note on your door saying you weren't home, so why is it normal now to post it online?"

    This really sunk into me because I had posted on both my business and personal pages where my family was yesterday. Every time I do an event, I post about it to promote it. It made me think twice about what I post and how I word it.

    By sharing too much information online, like where we are and when we aren't home, are we opening ourselves up to more risks? I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks for reading! Have a good Sunday!

    Re: Sharing Your Location on Social Media

    Hey Megan,

    This has been an ongoing debate with me and my friends. I have repeatedly said that they post WAY too much information about where they are and what they are doing in general and the response is always, "Oh it's because you're not on facebook, everyone does it".

    It really just doesn't make sense to me that you would post you're going away for the weekend before you go how about talking about it when you get back?

    It must be difficult for someone like you who is promoting an event to be able to do so without sharing too much information as the publicity on face book is great but like you said does it let people know too much. I think the key is to be careful what you share, when you share it, and how much you share.

    It's an interesting question and I'll be curious to hear what others say in terms of how they handle it and if they have any concerns.

    Thanks for the post!

    Have a good one!


    Re: Sharing Your Location on Social Media

    Hey Megan,
    Great topic. I’ve thought this for a long time that people share too much and make themselves very vulnerable. I also feel that way about listing your job title and your employer. My thought is that if I am friends with these people, shouldn’t they know what I do or at least have a general idea?

    This is why my friends list is very limited and I don’t share too much. If you are my friend, you should know enough about me that I don’t need to list everything on a social media platform.

    Scary stuff!


    Re: Sharing Your Location on Social Media


    I live in a building with 24 hour security so I'm not really worried about break ins while I'm not home. I don't post my apartment number on social media so even if someone knew that I wasn't home, they'd have no idea where home is.

    That being said, I do think that being cautious on social media is very important. Making information public is always risky and we need to be careful of what we're posting.

    Monica M.

    Re: Sharing Your Location on Social Media

    Howdy Megan,

    This is an interesting post, related to users’ data privacy which has been on serious debate ever since the Facebook incident happened. Here is my opinion regarding your specific concern:

    Social media sites are created with a good intention: to connect people around the world, to share specific things with each other thus improve the relationship. For this, the incident you saw on the crime show should not stop you from posting on your business and personal websites regarding special events in order to promote it, since it benefits you and your job, and potentially improve your connections.

    There is one important thing though, which irritates me a bit when people complain about Facebook or any social media sites. When you are posting, sharing pictures and potentially location (like you did), you have to wonder: who are you giving out that information to? Sure, you want to share it with your friends, your customers, your close relatives… But is that all? Most of the time, no. There are people you do not know well that saw such information. And why? Because you added them as a friend, even though you do not know them by any means. In general, the true risk starts to grow when you first made the decision to add someone whom you do not know at all as a friend. So the best solution would be to avoid such actions on social media.

    What if you want to promote something to the public? I would say there is no way to avoid the risk, even on or off social media. However, what you can do, and what you should do, is to minimize the risk by sharing less personal information publicly (unless necessary) and avoiding revealing your daily schedule online. This would, I believe, solve the problem.

    Thanks for a great forum,


    - Kevin -

    Re: Sharing Your Location on Social Media

    Hi Megan,

    I have heard similar stories of burglars that targeted people they know especially around the holidays when they knew they wouldn't be home. I think Kevin made a lot of good points. The risk ought to be substantially minimized by who information is shared with. I think many people are very quick to add friends they don't know. I also agree that when someone is on vacation they may be too quick to share all of their "look at how much fun I'm having" type of photos that could easily wait until they get home. I also don't think it is that wise to share certain types of purchases made. I see a lot of posts on social media where people seem to be starving for attention which opens the door for unwanted attention.

    Re: Sharing Your Location on Social Media

    Hi Megan,

    I agree it is eye-opening to think about this. I agree its wise to not post your location, but sometimes you're in such a cool place and you want to let all your friends know. I personally don't worry that someone would take the time to look into exactly where I'm at and steal my out of date furniture and dusty books,but who knows? Maybe one day it could happen and it'd be wisest to be cautious posting my location out for the world to see.

    Interesting thought!


    Re: Sharing Your Location on Social Media

    I hesitate when sharing location on social media. I have heard of many horror stories where people use social media to stalk people and there are definitely a lot of questionable people out their with very bad intentions. Even though there are some dangers with sharing locations on social media, I have heard of stories where criminals have been caught through location sharing meaning that they have checked in somewhere are police have been able to find them that way. I think that there are some pros and cons to location setting on social media, but it should definitely be used wisely.