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    APA style was made by Satan himself

    created by slynch8686 194 days 4 hours 27 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    APA style was made by Satan himself

    Ok, I will admit the title is a tad hyperbolic. I have no evidence that the dark lord Beelzebub did in fact create APA style guidelines. But who else would?! I have a course this quarter that seeks to hammer every nuance and command of the APA style manual of writing into my head. My question is, who on earth decided this level of specificity is warranted? (Spoiler: I know its the APA). I understand there are some benefits to the style, like searching through databases, having the abstracts to help skim along for relevance, crediting sources and so on but the manual is insane! And the measure for plagiarism being determined by punctuation and not content is insidious! Now that I have vented my grievance over this atrocious attribution method, what aspects of your field of study, or current subjects, do you find qualify as being the product of the fallen angel Lucifer? In other words, what are you learning that you think is pure evil? Let your rant flag fly!

    Re: APA style was made by Satan himself

    Hi Slynch!

    I can sympathize with you about APA. I just have spent the last 90 credits getting my doctorate and it was APA the whole way.

    It did come easier once I was writing the last section of my dissertation. You get the hang of it after a while. But even once I was done with my dissertation, I had to send it to an editor and she found dozens of mistakes I hadn't caught.

    I don't have anything that compares to your distaste for APA. But I am sure as I think about it today several will come to mind!

    Re: APA style was made by Satan himself


    First of all, your response to my forum on dreams made me laugh out loud. Out of curiosity and because your reply was so funny, I clicked on your profile and discovered this forum. It is safe to say that you are now one of my favorite CNET users.

    I am minoring in Italian, a language and culture that I absolutely adore, but there are so many tenses that we have to memorize that are absolutely unnecessary and were definitely made by Satan just to spite anybody trying to learn the language. In English, we have one past tense. In Italian, there is the past tense, the remote past tense (for things that happened a really long time ago), the imperfect past (used to refer to a continued or recurring event), the conditional past, and on and on. I've studied the language for long enough that I now know when to use every tense, but learning each tense was torture.

    I hope you don't have to work with APA style for a very long time.

    XOXO Karly

    Re: APA style was made by Satan himself

    Hey Hey!

    Thanks Karly! You made my day! I did not understand anything else you wrote because I am terrible with language mechanics but that was very nice of you. What are you majoring in?

    FiveRoses- how long did it take for your dissertation? That is so above my pay-grade but I would love to hear more about it! Maybe you can post a forum about it sometime?

    Re: APA style was made by Satan himself


    I just had to post when I saw this. I hate APA style as well. It drives me crazy and I'm still not sure that I'm doing it right but my professors haven't said that I'm doing it wrong either, so maybe all is well. I wish there was just one style or format that everyone used it sure would make me life easier.