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    Do You Allow Shoes On or Off Your Floors?

    created by Thankful 194 days 6 hours 11 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Do You Allow Shoes On or Off Your Floors?

    Good Saturday CNet Fam!!!

    Since I've been born my mom doesn't allow shoes on house floors. It stems from how she was raised and it made a lot of since as we walk outside in our shoes and then track the dirt and bacteria onto our floors at home. Especially when you have babies/kids crawling around on the floors it's pretty disgusting and made since when she explained it to me. So we either go bare foot, socks, or house shoes in the house.

    Do you allow or you yourself wear shoes on or off in the house?

    Have a blessed Saturday!


    Re: Do You Allow Shoes On or Off Your Floors?

    If I, or others, are just grabbing something, we leave our shoes on. Usually though, socks or slippers are the norm.

    Re: Do You Allow Shoes On or Off Your Floors?

    Hi Thankful,

    I agree with your mother. I like not having shoes on the floors and having them properly lined up by the door (facing the exit) so that they are easy to find and the floors stay clean. Also, my feet feel so much better barefoot anyway. It allows my feet to move naturally and freely.

    My mom wears shoes in the house because she has feet problems, so shoes are allowed in the house, however, I choose not to wear shoes most of the time. Japanese culture has people leave their outside shoes at the door and their inside shoes are strictly for inside. Either that or walk barefoot around the house. I like this so much better because it is more natural and makes logical sense not to wear shoes in the house.



    Re: Do You Allow Shoes On or Off Your Floors?

    Hi Thankful,

    Shoes are allowed to stay on at my parents house and I will end up being the same way. It's just easier to leave them on, especially if you're only staying for a few hours or if you're going to be running in and out a lot. And honestly, if I had to take my shoes off in the house and I was gonna be running in and out for things, I wouldn't even bother putting my shoes back on, I'd just run out in socks or barefoot because it's quicker. Dirt and bacteria would get tracked in anyway so it's pointless for me to take off my shoes.

    That being said, I do respect the rules of others houses and take off my shoes when I enter and put them on before I walk out the door, but that's a respect thing.


    Re: Do You Allow Shoes On or Off Your Floors?

    I admire homes that do what you say Thankful!

    I wasn't raised that way and I could never be bothered to hustle into my house with bags and kids in tow and take shoes off at the door. If I had to do it over I would certainly do it your way!

    Re: Do You Allow Shoes On or Off Your Floors?

    Hi Thankful,

    We kick our shoes off at home. They are kicked off once we step inside, so shoes are technically on the floors but are kept in that area and we don't walk around the house in them. My parents didn't have us kick our shoes off growing up, but once I got my own place, it was something I chose to do because I wanted to keep the floors and carpet as clean as possible. If I'm carrying in groceries or need to run in the house real quick because I forgot something, I'm not kicking my shoes off with every trip back and forth to my car, but in cases like that I'm not walking on carpet and I sweep daily.

    Re: Do You Allow Shoes On or Off Your Floors?


    So my take on this is it really just depends on the house and who's it is. For example, in my apartment, my boyfriend and I take off our shoes at the door because the ground is covered with snow outside and it's annoying to walk around the apartment if one person has shoes on and the other doesn't. It's also just become a habit because my feet are usually cold and I want to warm them up. At my friends's houses, I definitely take my shoes off just as a respect thing. However, if I have known them for a while and I know their "house rules" and I learn that they don't care, then I won't take them off. I honestly think it depends on the household.

    Re: Do You Allow Shoes On or Off Your Floors?

    We live in a rental apartment so shoes on the carpet doesn't really matter, though at my parents house its always shoes off!

    Re: Do You Allow Shoes On or Off Your Floors?

    Hey Thankful,

    I love this forum especially the part that Song mentioned about it being engrained into Japanese culture.

    I know that it is the cleanest and best way, but sometimes I’ll be leaveing the house and forget something upstairs. Often I’ll keep the shoes on to save time and convenience. In the winter it’s easiest to not wear outside shoes inside because the snow tracks in and then you’re making everything wet!

    Hope you all had a great day!

    Re: Do You Allow Shoes On or Off Your Floors?

    Hello Thankful,

    Growing up, we have always been a no show house hold. I always take off my shoes going to other people's houses as well. I just think it keeps things clean and is less work in cleaning to put a little effort in to take your shoes off right away!



    Re: Do You Allow Shoes On or Off Your Floors?

    Hi Thankful!

    I do allow shoes on my floors. I think that your mom has a good point with the keeping the floors clean. We just sweep and vacuum a little bit more frequently than we would if we didn't allow shoes. I usually wear slippers around the house myself!

    Thanks for the post! Happy Sunday!

    Re: Do You Allow Shoes On or Off Your Floors?

    I definitely do not! I have a 2 year old and a crawling 10 month old and like your mom, I do not want dirt and germs tracked throughout my house.

    My in-laws actually made a huge ordeal about this when we asked them to take their shoes off because they do not do it at their house.

    They have carpet throughout the home that is over 30 years old and I can just imagine all of the nasty crap that is infested in that carpet. I never let my kids crawl around on their carpet.

    I read somewhere that your shoes pick up all sorts of animal feces while you’re walking around. No. Thank. You.

    Cheers to your mom!


    Re: Do You Allow Shoes On or Off Your Floors?

    I take my shoes off at home or in my apartment because I find it more comfortable. Walking around with them indoors feels too confining. It's a lot easier to relax with my shoes off.

    Growing up we weren't made to take off shoes however, as our dogs would typically steal them and run them around the house. One of our dogs will even chem on them, her favorite part is shoelaces, which she will tear off. So when I get home the first thing I do is go up to my room and take off my shoes and put them somewhere the dogs cannot get to them!

    The dogs present another reason for taking off shoes: if they think you're about to take them out on a walk, they will get super excited and one of the things that makes them think that is when we have shoes on. But it also means we can get them ready to go outside by putting on our shoes in their view.

    Au Revoir,