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    Should cursive be taught anymore in schools?

    created by Savann96 194 days 6 hours 9 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Should cursive be taught anymore in schools?

    When I went to school, I was taught cursive in about third grade, but by the time my sister was in third grade, she wasn't taught it at all (we're three years apart). The argument has been made that because everything has become digital, including documents which can just be signed by typing in your name, why bother? I've heard of some people say that it is important to teach cursive so we can read what important historical documents say, like the Declaration of Independence, but it seems that the solution for this is to just write it out in print for those who can't read cursive.

    But what do you think? Do you think cursive is becoming a thing of the past, or should it still be taught in schools?

    Re: Should cursive be taught anymore in schools?

    As much as I would like to say yes, we should teach cursive, the use for it has been reduced to the occasional signature.

    We don't write letters. We sign many things electronically now.

    So as much as I would like to preserve the practice, I am not sure the reason.

    Re: Should cursive be taught anymore in schools?

    Hi and happy Saturday.

    That is a good question. I was not taught cursive very much and neither was my brother (two years ahead of me). So far, other than concentrating on learning enough to have a signature, I have done OK without it. I am only a high school senior, so we will see how it goes in college.

    I hate to see something like cursive writing go away, but I can see why it is not taught much anymore. No one writes letters anymore, even signatures are not necessarily required as much anymore. I don't know about Michigan, but Ohio has common core standards and lots of end-of-year testing that the teachers have to teach for, so spending time learning cursive is not the best use of their time if they continue to have to "teach to the test". Also, I have mentioned this to my mom, and she said when she was in school, learning cursive writing was labor intensive and frustrating for both the students who caught on quickly and those who struggled with it.

    Thanks for the forum!


    Re: Should cursive be taught anymore in schools?

    Hi Savann,

    I also was taught cursive in 3rd grade and can really see both sides here. On one hand, it may be hard to accept how things are changing and it seems unfortunate that kids are not taught a skill that was so basic and important when I was younger. However, throughout my adult life, (and I'm now 44) I have never needed to know cursive other than signing my name, and even that--if you notice other people's signatures--are hardly entirely cursive. I decided to teach my children on my own cursive writing and got them some workbooks to practice at home, but they mainly just practice their signature. I still use cursive if I'm taking notes because I can write faster when writing in cursive.

    Re: Should cursive be taught anymore in schools?

    I’m an artist at heart and there is something so beautiful about cursive that I can help but say yes. Sure, it’s not practical, BUT, if it lights an artistic fire in some little girl’s heart, it’s worth it!