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    Secret Treasures

    created by Sunshine Song 218 days 13 hours 57 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Secret Treasures

    Do you know of a place with really amazing hiding spots and cool unique structures?
    Describe what is so cool about this place and what is unique about it!


    I am at my friend's parents' house and it is really cool here because it looks like a normal two story house from the outside, however, on the inside it has so many cool little structures in it. In the basement, there is a huge jacuzzi tub with jets and a huge shower that has water come from straight down and two jets from the side.

    The main floor has this beautiful kitchen with so much food! The upstairs is sweet because one bedroom has a loft and the master bedroom has a window with a mini "porch" built for the cats, who are both indoor. They can go "outside" and chill there!

    The backyard is gorgeous because they did a lot of cool landscaping and have this outdoor gazebo-type structure and it has a heater inside and the grill, which is huge. There is even a spot for a memorial in the yard, dedicated to all family and animals who have passed.

    I love visiting here because I always discover something new, like the porch! Both the front and back yard have a porch that looks plain on the outside and wonderful on the inside. There are wooden floors, plastic over the doors and windows to trap in heat, little pretty flowers, and cute chairs. Both yesterday morning and this morning I enjoyed doing CollegeNet out here.




    Re: Secret Treasures

    Howdy Song,

    There used to be a trail on the edge of my old neighborhood. You had to climb down this hill and then you were in a forested area. It was so cool cause the trees created like a natural canopy. My friends and I would also run around acting like we were ninjas in there.

    Thanks for Reading,


    Re: Secret Treasures

    Hi Song,

    That sounds awesome. I used to love visiting my friend's houses when they had cool spots to hide out and relax.

    Mine isn't really a secret, and I actually haven't been to see it yet. In Western New York at Chestnut Ridge Park you will find Eternal Flame Falls. It's a really cool natural phenomenon where a small grotto at the bottom of a waterfall releases natural gas. It has been lit and a small flame remains, but it does occasionally go out and has to be relit. It's really cool though. The juxtaposition between the waterfall and the flame is really quite beautiful. It's amazing all the natural treasures in the world that no one even knows about!

    Have a great Friday!

    Re: Secret Treasures

    One of my friends houses has a secret hallway that leads to a hidden room! It's so cool and I absolutely love going there any time I visit. This is really the best answer that I can think of.