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    Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    created by animal lover 280 days 44 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    Hello CNET ,

    The time change has me feeling a bit sluggish! I hope everyone is doing better than me ;)

    Do you tend from the computer or your phone?

    Do you switch between them ?

    Is it easier to post from one than the other ?

    I post on my phone more often than on the computer. My cellphone internet is so much faster for some reason. It just sucks typing on this tiny screen. I am posting on my phone now. It is perfect for on the go posting. My phone post usually have more typos. I post from the computer when I am doing something that I can not use my phone for. My post tend to be longer and typo free. I try to switch back and forth so I do not just use my phone for posting.

    What about you ?


    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    Hi Julia,

    I post on both my cell phone and computer because it depends where i am or the situation. Ii f i am in school or on the bus, I post on my phone but when i'm home, I'll post on my computer. If my computer battery is low, I'll charge it and post on my phone.

    Thanks for asking and have a wonderful day!


    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    I don't have a smart phone, and I mostly use my iPod for music, so I do most things, including posting, on a computer.

    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    Hi, I have done both, usually I use my computer; but sometimes when I am really busy or on the road I have posted on my phone. It is not as easy on my phone, but I have completed posts at least 3 different times on my phone. If there is a will there is a way!

    - W

    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    Hey Julia!

    To be honest, I didn't even know you could post from your phone! I guess I will have to try it out. So needless to say, I always post from my computer. It is easy to type and navigate the site, but I might give my phone a whirl!



    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    Good evening,

    I mostly post from my laptop or iPad... it’s easier to me than my phone-but have occasionally logged in on my phone!

    Have a great evening...

    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    Hi Julia!

    I usually post from my computer because when I try to post from my phone CNet goes sooo slow that usually I can't get the pages to load in order to post.


    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    It seems like more people use the computer than I thought. Cell phones just seem so much easier.

    Well thanks for the insight folks !

    Have a great night ;)

    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    Hey Julia! When it comes to social media, I almost always post from my phone! I switch between the two when I'm uploading photos but other than that I stick to my phone. When I'm posting on a page like this though, I always use my computer because it's much easier to type and read other people's responses!


    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    I used to strictly post on the computer only and now I find I'm using my phone way more!

    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    I use my computer because I find it difficult to type on my phone. I also get very distracted on my phone when a notification pops up. I even prefer the sound and feeling of the keyboard opposed to the touch screen.

    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    Hey Julia,

    I use my computer most of the time. I feel like if I'm sitting down at my computer I write higher quality posts and have a chance to read more of the posts as well. When I do it on my phone it usually means I'm in a hurry. I used my phone to post last week when I was in the hospital having my baby, Finley. It's nice to be able to use a couple of different means to get CNET done on a daily basis. Consistency is key and having two options for posting is great!

    Thank you for the post! Happy Wednesday!

    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    I post from my phone because it's quicker. When you go on the computer you have to log in and then find the picture you want then post it. On the phone you usually already know what you want to post plus your pictures are on your phone which makes it easier and then you post it and you're set. I sometimes go on the computer to check what's going on if I don't feel like using my phone but majority of the time it's on my phone.

    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    I usually post from a computer, mainly because it is easier and quicker for me to type on a traditional keyboard than the keyboard on a phone. Also, I don't like the web layout when viewing on a phone since the website doesn't have a mobile-friendly version.

    With that said, my laptop just took a crap this past weekend, so I might be posting from my phone more often!

    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?


    I usually post from my phone too . I find so much more faster to do so . Plus, my son won’t let me be on my computer . He will do anything to take it away from me so. I’m guessing it’s the keyboard that gets his attention .

    -Jessica :)

    Re: Do you POST from Computer or Phone?

    I'm currently using both, life hack! lol

    I'm using my phone to load up a new topic forum because it takes FOREVER while using my laptop to respond to your post ( :

    I prefer using the laptop because I can type much faster and more easily fix typos, but when I'm on the move or laying in bed with my phone (too lazy to get the laptop!), I'll just use the ole' cell phone trick.