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    Your cnet routine...

    created by bluesapphire7 280 days 3 hours 1 minute ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Your cnet routine...

    What is your cnet routine? Do you like to get all of your posts done at once? Or do you spread it out throughout the day? Do you prefer to post in the morning or evening? Do you come up with topics in advance or do you just try to think of one on the spot?

    I prefer to get all my posts done at once although that doesn't always happens. I prefer it when it does happen that way though because then I don't have to think about it for the rest of the day. I prefer to post and vote in the morning because I see the best results that way. I think most people post and vote in the morning so it is good to get your name in the pot early so as to receive their votes. I usually come up with topics as I go along, however sometimes I do think of a good topic as I go about my day.

    Re: Your cnet routine...


    So many questions lol I want to address all :)

    What is your cnet routine?
    - I really don’t have a spacific routine. I get on cnet when ever i have the chance.

    Do you like to get all of your posts done at once?
    — This really depends on the day for me. If i am at clinical i do all of it when i get home at once. But if not in clinical i do come back at different times.
    Do you prefer to post in the morning or evening?
    — mostly mornings but lately it’s been on different times.

    Do you come up with topics in advance or do you just try to think of one on the spot?
    — it’s really hard for me to come up with new topics since i have been here for so long but when ever It hits me and there is something i want to ask i write it down for the next day or if i haven’t posted yet i post.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Your cnet routine...

    Howdy bluesapphire7,

    Generally do Cnet before Noon, so morning.

    Vote First, Topic Post and then Forum Replies. I try to get this all done within an hour.

    I don't come up with my topics in advance and normally don't have much trouble with thinking of topics.

    Thanks for Reading,


    Re: Your cnet routine...

    My posting is pretty sporadic, just like my schedule. I don't have a daily routine in my daily life so my cnet routine is just do it when I have a minute, put it down, pick it up again in a couple hours. I often take my study breaks on cnet because it helps relieve some stress and lets me think about something else besides school.

    Most of my free time is in the evening and I tend to do more cnet then, though lately I have been forgetting and then having to do it right before bed before I fall asleep.

    I need more order in my life haha the chaos is taking a toll!!


    Re: Your cnet routine...

    Hey Blue!

    Okay these are some questions!!!LOL

    1. I Post all at once, because I'm in school and I don't have a lot of time on my hands with school and work or school events I have to attend.

    2. Majority of the time I post in the morning, because my class is easy and I have more time to go online and post my forum and post on others.

    3. I honestly like to have my questions for my forum planned ahead of time because again time is of the essence for me and I have to utilize every bit of it. Plus sometimes I come up with a question, but have to wait til the next day to post so I make a notes of them, and some I don't even use because their stupid...LOL!

    Have a great evening!


    Re: Your cnet routine...

    It depends,
    I'll usually put some comments on the website in the morning, but sometimes a good topic hasn't come to me yet to create a forum, so I'll hold out throughout the day, until I 've thought of something interesting.

    There has also been a few weeks where I was overly busy with work or what not and completely forgot to post some days. Trying to make it more of a routine.