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    NetFlix-What should I watch?

    created by JamesP1977 275 days 6 hours 29 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    NetFlix-What should I watch?

    Good afternoon!

    It's Spring Break and I'm overdue for a day or two of relaxing and playing PS4 and I want to watch a new show before I get back to work and work ahead for next week!

    What shows are you into right now?


    Re: NetFlix-What should I watch?


    Have you watched Black Mirror yet? If not watch it! I'm obsessed!!! What genre do you tend to like? There are so many options available on Netflix



    Re: NetFlix-What should I watch?


    I would suggest Stranger Things, Riverdale, and i agree with Tom. You should definitely watch black mirror.

    Have a nice day!

    Re: NetFlix-What should I watch?


    You should totally check out the 4400!! It is my favorite sci-fi show. It is about this group of 4400 people that disappear at different times throughout history and are return all at once in this random place in nature. They soon discover that each person has a unique super natural power. It is a great series! It is very well written and will always keep you guessing what will happen next.

    Re: NetFlix-What should I watch?

    Hi James P.,

    There’s two shows I love to watch on Netflix are Sword Art Online and White Collar.

    Sword Art Online is an incredible show because it deals with real life challenges that will come up one augmented reality in virtual reality become mainstream. In the story, the main character is one of the best players for this new game called sword are online. He uses the “nerve gear”, which is the device that allows you go into the virtual reality world, to play the game. Then, this mysterious figure appears to all the users and tells everyone inside the game that they are trapped in the game and cannot get out until they clear the final four. If they die in the game, they die real life. He spends two years in this game with all the other players and lots of stuff happens. There are multiple “arcs” and each one isn’t fantastic! The first part of the series and then Asuna arc are the best. Watch in English subtitles for the full experience.

    White Collar Is about this man who is an art thief, forger, conman, in love with a woman, And running away from the FBI successfully. The show starts off with him in prison and he escapes successfully and tries to find his girlfriend but she disappears on him. He is caught by the FBI again and then makes a deal with the FBI agent who has been running after him for years. In exchange for partial freedom and not being in prison, he promises to help the FBI solve cases. The story is great because there are multiple story arcs going on at once. There is also great humor as well!



    Re: NetFlix-What should I watch?

    Howdy James,

    Try out Black Mirror, it is my favorite tv-show of all time. Each episode tells a different story centered around technology and who we become in the face of it.

    Thanks for Reading,


    Re: NetFlix-What should I watch?


    So I may possibly get some hate for this or possibly just agreement or distasteful looks, but I would SERIOUSLY recommend Big Mouth. Its funny, little immature, as well as relatable. I'd definitely recommend the show. The second season comes out soon. Let me know what you think.