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    created by LukeM01 275 days 6 hours 57 minutes ago

    Category: Education


    What is one thing you wish was a higher priority to you in the past? What have you done, or are planning to do, to change your priorities?

    Thank you for commenting!

    Re: Priorities!

    Hey Luke,

    So I'm testing to become an architect, and the first test didn't go so well. I had set my priorities so that testing was on the top of the list. But as I learn more and more through my job, I'm realizing it's more important to gain technical and other knowledge and develop that - moreso than passing every test and being lost with minimal knowledge afterwards.

    Plenty of people have got their license too soon, and they don't have the same experience to base their knowledge from.

    So while my priority was rushing into these exams and pounding them out - it has developed to spending time on my fitness and health, relationships and expertise at work.

    Thanks for the forum,


    Re: Priorities!


    I wish that i read more as I was growing up. I was never a big fan of reading and just couldn’t enjoy it as much as others. Also i really wish i knew what i wanted to be earlier in life so i could have done things differently. It took so long for me to figure this out. In high school I picked the academy of design and technology instead of health. I really didn’t know that i wanted to do anything health wise even when my parents were telling me to do so i just couldn’t pick the right path. So i really have so many regrets of not doing that earlier in life. I have been struggling ever since.

    As of now I am more focused on what i want to be and what i want to do. I have learned that time management is very important part of what i do. I plan my priorities accordingly now.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Priorities!

    I wish that grades had been a higher priority to me when I was in my senior year of highschool. I was too focused on being an independent teenager and only wanted to focus on my boyfriend a the time. My grades definitely suffered and thus i wasn't able to get into the college I had always dreamed of. Its okay thought because I ended up going to a great college, but I just wish that I had focused more and realized that a highschool boyfriend really isn't as important as the rest of my life.

    Re: Priorities!

    Hi Luke,

    I wish that pursuing my hobbies and interest or a higher priority in the past. I always pursued my artistic talents up until a point and then I would be so down on myself about not getting it right and I would stop being a great artist or musician or whatever I was pursuing other time.

    What I am doing differently now is pursuing I am interested in with my full attention and care when I have the time. Unfortunately, unlike before, I do not have as much free time as I used to. I am really interested in singing and learning Japanese. I practice in the car and I try to practice throughout the day. I know I could do more and I would like to make both of these activities a higher priority. it helps that I am on spring break now! :)



    Re: Priorities!

    Hi Luke,

    Over the past couple of years, I wish I'd given myself more priority. I tend to put others ahead of me, asking what they want from me, rather than asking myself what I want. So I wish that I would have made myself more of a priority rather than thinking my opinions didn't matter. I'm taking steps to being my #1 priority now, and I'm feeling more confident in myself to be outgoing and trying to have new experiences because it's what I want - not what someone else wants for me.

    Re: Priorities!

    Hi, I wish one of my priorities would be to have lifted weights and been in better shape, as after my surgery I lost a ton of muscle and tone in my arms and legs, along with my endurance. I am slowly getting it back, but it is kind of a pain. The other priority is I wish I had concentrated more on math and English, both subjects are something I could be more efficient in.

    - W