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    activities in nature?

    created by 275 days 7 hours 28 minutes ago

    Category: World

    activities in nature?

    When was the last time you were doing something out in nature? What kind of activity did you do?

    I've been feeling outdoorsy lately and I really want to go hiking some time soon with my friends. Fishing sounds pretty nice too, but I'm not sure if that would be feasible with all the snow and ice around x)

    Any ideas on what would be a fun activity to do out in nature?

    Thanks! Have a good one!

    Re: activities in nature?


    I love running or hiking. Just taking a walk for an hour is super enjoyable-- especially with friends. I like going to local parks or nature preserves to run. I haven't ever gone fishing, no one in my family or friends fish, so I just never tried fishing out!

    In the winter skiing and snowboarding is super fun depending on the season and your location, but I have always loved to take a Saturday morning or night off and spend the day snowboarding!

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: activities in nature?

    It was just last Saturday that my boyfriend and I took a walk at a nearby dam and watched the sunset. It was a little chilly but really beautiful.

    It was great to get outside after being stuck inside from this nasty long winter.


    Re: activities in nature?

    Hi there,
    I live in Sedona, Arizona, you should google it... it's all about outdoors... so I typically go hiking or walking around once a day and I love taking photos with my Canon while I'm out and about because I get to be creative and there's no pressure! I work as a wedding photographer so I feel like there's always a pressure on me to always take great photos, but going outdoors and just shooting to shoot really helps me feel comfortable behind the camera!


    Re: activities in nature?

    I love all kinds of out door activities! It really depends on the season, but there is always something to do. It is still very much winter here, so skiing takes up a lot of my time. You could cross country ski or snow shoe too. In the summer going on hikes is always fun and I also love mountain biking, you should try it! Fishing is fun, but here it isn't great until spring!

    Have fun with your exploring!


    Re: activities in nature?


    Last weekend, my boyfriend and I explored Deception Pass in Bellingham, Washington. It was so beautiful to be at the ocean again and be so up high! I loved how the mist was so soft and gentle and the air was so fresh (minus being on the bridge full of cars, of course). I would love to explore that whole area another day when it is sunny, warm, and a quiet weekday. So much fun, you should definitely check it out!