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    Are you short or tall ?

    created by Romeo__Santos 275 days 19 hours 22 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Are you short or tall ?

    I am a Giant Midget...just kidding I am considered short, but that's okay cause I think it's cute haha

    How do you feel about your height ?

    Re: Are you short or tall ?


    I'm on the taller side, im 5'10"!

    I love being tall. I actually wish i was even talker sometimes!

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: Are you short or tall ?

    I am taller than the average girl and I wish i was taller!! I love my height; it is very convenient for reaching things in high places.

    Re: Are you short or tall ?

    I think I am just average height. I used to be 5'6.5" (gotta get that half in there) but the last time I was measured at the doctor's office, I was almost an inch shorter, so I guess I'm shrinking. I wouldn't want to be much taller than I am or shorter. I don't have much trouble reaching things and it isn't hard to find clothes that fit.

    Re: Are you short or tall ?

    Hi Romeo,

    I'm considered average since I'm 5'6, but I feel like I'm pretty tall since I work with people that are at least 3-6 inches shorter than me. It's the surroundings that determine how tall or short I feel.


    Re: Are you short or tall ?

    Hey there,
    I'm on the taller side and I really like my height! However, I am in between where regular pants are too short and tall pants are too long!



    Re: Are you short or tall ?

    I think I am average height for a girl but a lot of people call me short. It kind of bugs me because I don't consider myself short but that's probably because I compare myself to my mom who is 4'11". So maybe 5'4" is short but I still think I'm a pretty average height.

    Re: Are you short or tall ?

    I am really short. I barely get to 5 feet even. My mom is 4'9" so I guess I get my lack of height from her. I do not like not being able to find clothes that fit and not being able to reach thinks without a step stool or ladder.

    I wish I was about 4-6 inches taller.


    Re: Are you short or tall ?


    I am 5'6 and I love it. I used to hate because everyone use to be shorter than me in school and you already know where that goes. Anyways, I like it. My height is considered average, but I always feel tall because everyone around me is usually shorter than me.


    Re: Are you short or tall ?

    Hey Romeo!

    I'm 5'11" so I guess I'm pretty tall. I never really notice it until someone points it out (someone always does). It's usually the first thing someone new says to me, "wow you're tall." I don't even think it's that tall though, I would love to be taller! I love that I have long limbs, and height really helped me in sports in high school. The only real downfall is finding clothes and shoes that fit, but that doesn't really bug me that much.



    Re: Are you short or tall ?

    I believe I would be considered average height. Though most people would say I am on the short side when it comes to males my age.

    I don't normally see height as a big deal, I am taller than my wife by a few inches, but that doesn't mean she still can't take me down, haha!

    Re: Are you short or tall ?

    Hi Romeo,

    Great Question!

    I am tall but when i was younger i used to hate being tall because people would always point it out and i was always the tallest girl in my class making me feel left out. I would be insecure and felt that i wasn't beautiful but now i don't care about my height because it's just height and something i don't pay attention to anymore.

    Thanks a lot for bring up this topic and have a wonderful day!


    Re: Are you short or tall ?

    I am 6'2'' so I am pretty tall. I never feel tall though because my younger brother is a couple inches taller than me and my dad is 6'7''! Height is very convenient, especially reaching things and passing food around dinner table. However, there are some downsides. When I need new jeans I have to custom order them, or else they are very hard to find. When you are taller, you also have further to fall if you trip. Also, I have lived in Asia for much of my life, and being tall there can mean hitting your forehead on low doorframes and stuff like that.


    Re: Are you short or tall ?

    Good evening!

    I’m average I guess! Lol 5’ 10”

    Have a great evening,


    Re: Are you short or tall ?

    Hey Romeo! I'm on the shorter side of the spectrum. I'm 5' 3" and I get my height from my parents. My dad is 5' 8" and my biological mother is only 4' 11". I don't mind it though!


    Re: Are you short or tall ?

    I'm pretty tall, 5' 9 1/2"!!

    I always get people commenting on my height; today my manager said I make her feel small lol I used to not like it, and it's awkward every now and then, but it's part of my identity and I like that it sets me apart from others at times.