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    Donating Blood

    created by lily8486 275 days 22 hours 59 minutes ago

    Category: Science

    Donating Blood

    Hello Collegenet!

    Today my school had a blood drive run by the American Red Cross and student senate helped out. I was in charge of checking people in and I also donated. I think blood drives are very important and I have actually held my own with the Red Cross.

    Have you ever donated or helped out with a blood drive? Why or why not? If you have, how was the experience?

    Thank you!

    Re: Donating Blood

    Hello Lily ,

    When I was in high school I donated to the blood drive. The age limit was 16 and I had to wait to do ate my junior year.

    Blood drives are defenitly important to help those in need of transplants. I believe getting blood from young donors is great because it is probably more healthy. I appreciate the work all red crosses do because they help alot if people .

    Great for you helping out Lily!

    - Julia

    Re: Donating Blood

    Good evening!

    I used to donate plasma and blood when I was younger.... it’s been a while!


    Re: Donating Blood

    I have never donated blood, needles scare me.

    Re: Donating Blood

    Hey Lily,

    Good for you for helping out with such a great cause!

    Blood donation is very important to me. My dad is alive because of a blood transfusion several years ago, so I keep that in the back of my mind when it's time to donate. I just had a baby so I haven't given in over a year, but I typically give quarterly.

    I helped organize a blood drive at my previous job as a part of the health and wellness team. It was very rewarding and a lot of people participated.

    Thanks for the post!

    Re: Donating Blood

    Hey Lily,

    I have not done either, although I have attempted to donate, I ended up being sick the day of the blood drive and obviously couldn't donate.

    I am alive because of blood donations, I needed a lot of blood transfusions when I was a teenager and without them I wouldn't be here today. I want to donate because I know how important it is, but the only time the blood bank is open in my town is Tuesdays during my work hours, and I can't afford to ask off right now. And the blood drives are held at the highschool for students and staff only so I can't do that since I've graduated.

    Hopefully I'll be able to donate once I move and start college, maybe my schedule will line up better for it.


    Re: Donating Blood

    I have never donated blood. I am way too lazy/busy at this time. (excuses, excuses, I know). You make a good case for just sucking it up and doing it, and I probably will sometime soon.

    Thank you.


    Re: Donating Blood

    I wish I could donate blood, but because I am anemic, they won't take my blood. Plus, I tend to pass out even while giving blood to gerbil ny anemia tested, so sadly I cannot, but yes! It is important. Thank you for organizing programs at your school!


    Re: Donating Blood

    Hi Lily,

    I have never donated blood but I would like to. I guess I'm a little nervous to try it like I might pass out or something. I faint very easily with needles and blood, so just seems like the perfect storm.

    I will definitely have to give it a shot sometime soon!