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    Losing our Animals

    created by Wames 274 days 8 hours 33 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Losing our Animals

    Hi CNET:

    How do you handle losing a family pet. I'm not really talking about one that gets lost, but that can be a horrible painful deal too. In our family we lost two of our older dogs last year and it was really sad. Our older dog did what some call a "walk away" where she just up and disappeared. They say some dogs ready to die will do that, but I think that was worse than waking up to them having died in the night. She was 16 years old and couldn't walk very well. we looked for her for a week all over our property and the neighbors; along with posting and asking people if they saw her. Our other little guy suddenly developed intestinal issues and died at the vets. We put up little tombstones for both of them, as they were a part of our family. What do you do to get through the loss of a pet?

    - W

    Re: Losing our Animals

    Hey there,

    I never had pets when I was growing up. The first pet I ever had was actually my finances cat. She was a wonderful cat, very loving and caring. She died 3 years ago and I cried my heart out. We had her cremated and her ashes on a shelf in our living room.

    It wasn't until this past November that I was "willing" and "able" to think about getting another cat. We got a kitten that was rescued and he is the cutest thing. We absolutely love him.

    You are so right when you say that pets become "part of the family".

    I have also heard that animals know when they are ill and will "leave".

    I'm so sorry for your losses.

    It sounds like you may consider getting another dog at some time but you and your family will know when you are ready to do so.


    Re: Losing our Animals

    Hey W,

    I'm sorry for your losses! Losing a pet is not easy. When I was in middle school our dog did the 'walk away' too. I hadn't actually heard this term until now, and it makes a lot of sense. My family had a yellow lab that was 13 and was not doing so well, I always wondered why he would just run away, but now I guess I know. I would agree with you it is definitely harder that way because there isn't really any closer. I would suggest maybe getting another dog to get over the losses, because the new dog can bring more joy into your life and make you miss the old ones less :)

    Have a good night!


    Re: Losing our Animals

    Hey W, I'm so sorry to hear about your dogs. My husband and I recently got two dogs this past year and just the thought of losing them someday breaks my heart. They are like our children. I also have an older dog, I got him when I was 11, and he'll be turning 12 this weekend. Although I haven't lost him yet, it scares me to death because it really is like losing a family member and I'm blessed enough to not have gone through that kind of loss yet. I know that when the time comes, I will be there for him and I pray he will go peacefully. It will be so incredibly hard, but I'll also make sure to keep his memory alive in my current dogs and through out my life.


    Re: Losing our Animals

    Hello Wames ,

    My condolences. I took it really hard when my guinea pig and my terrier died. They were my world. I loved them so much. Their death was just so sudden and heartbreaking. It meander and the love I had for then lives on in my heart. Each animal I had is never replaced or compared. They were all unique and had personalities that were irreplaceable.

    I hope you are okay and stay strong !

    - Julia

    Re: Losing our Animals

    I am so sorry to hear this! I think that would be absolutely devastating not knowing where she was or what happened to her. We had to put our German Shepherd down the day before Christmas Eve this last year and it was terrible. He had been suffering from an autoimmune disease for over a year and it got to the point where he couldn't even go to the bathroom because this disease had eaten all of the tissue surrounding it. I still think about him and what I could have done differently and I don't know if I will ever get over that. As hard as it was holding him while he passed, I knew I needed to be with him. I hope he is in heaven thinking about our family and I hope to see him again.


    Re: Losing our Animals

    Hi James,

    I don't think you ever really get through the loss of a pet. My dog had to be put down about 3 years ago and I still cry about it. She was there to help me through the worst years of my life. We had gotten her when I was developing depression and she passed on when I was finally stating to overcome it. That was the worst blow I could've been dealt at the time and I did the stupidest thing I could've done...I got in my car and started driving, while crying so hard I couldn't see. Yeah, really stupid. At the time it helped me calm down, but I've never actually gotten over her death. I know I could never own a dog of her breed again because I would cry too much. I really just wish I could've had one more day with her.


    Re: Losing our Animals

    Hi James,

    My condolences on the loss of your dog. I didn't even know that walk-away thing was even a thing.

    Our cat just did that about 4 weeks or so ago. She was very sick with a bowel disease and we didn't even know what to do for her. I feel very sad that she tried to get into the house and we had been keeping her outside due to the leaking bowels and our other cats were starting to "go" in the house as a result. Anyway the day she disappeared she tried to get in and mom put her back out. We never saw her again. I think this is worse than if she had died in the house. We looked for her and figured that she was dead, but could never find her body.

    I guess just being grateful for the time we get to spend with our animals is a way to get started getting through the loss.