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    Your Best & Worst Subject In School? Past/Present

    created by Thankful 281 days 3 hours 42 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Your Best & Worst Subject In School? Past/Present

    Good Monday CNet Fam!!!!

    What is your BEST & WORST (favorite & least favorite) class subject in school? Past or Present.

    My Best Class right now is my Physics class. It's not a class for everyone especially if you don't like science, but I'm a person who loves science.

    My worst class is surprisingly English. I am not one who likes to read Shakespeare all the time. I would rather have spelling words and definitions which seems they don't focus on much anymore like my mom said they did when she was in school. What's up with that?

    Have a nice day!


    Re: Your Best & Worst Subject In School? Past/Present

    Hey Thankful!

    My best class right now is either my Biochemistry/Biology class. I'm doing pretty well in both of those classes and the grades are similar so I'm proud of myself!

    My worst class right now is my Physical Chemistry class, which is basically thermodynamics. It's a totally new concept to me and I'm not grasping it as easily as I wish I could.

    - Kyle

    Re: Your Best & Worst Subject In School? Past/Present

    Howdy Thankful,

    Present - Best: Math, Worst: History

    Past - Best: Math, Worst: Psychology

    I've never been good at remember names, history was such a difficult class. I wasn't good at psychology, but took that up as my major and have improved tremendously in that realm.

    Thanks for Reading,


    Re: Your Best & Worst Subject In School? Past/Present

    Hey there,

    My best subject in school has always been English or something that involves writing. I also have done well with creative courses.

    My worst subject has been either Math or Science.

    Have a good one!


    Re: Your Best & Worst Subject In School? Past/Present


    My all time worst is Math. I hate anything that has to do with math.

    My best is currently nothing because I am suffering in nursing school lol. But my best used to be history for some reason.


    Re: Your Best & Worst Subject In School? Past/Present

    Hi Thankful,

    When I did my bachelor's degree in engineering, my best subjects were all of the math classes. I tutored other students up to the Calculus 3 and Differential Equations level. I wish I still remembered how to do it... Lol.

    My worst subject was a class called "Strength and Materials." I could not for the life of me figure that one out. It even caused me a little hang up at graduation time!

    Thanks for the post!

    Re: Your Best & Worst Subject In School? Past/Present

    My best class has always been something chemistry based. I like chemistry because you basically learn the concepts and then apply them into calculation. It's not just memorization and understanding concepts like in biology class, because in chemistry you get to be more hands on and put what you know into practice. I think I do better in Chemistry than other science classes because I get to practice what I learn..

    My worst class has always been English as well lol. Sometimes I don't understand how English class works. The teacher basically grades your essay based on his own preferred style of writing, so I feel like that could get really biased at times.. I could never get more than a B in my English classes lol, no matter how hard I try or how much time and effort I put in T.T I'm super bitter about English classes lmao.

    Have a good one!

    Re: Your Best & Worst Subject In School? Past/Present

    Hey there,

    My worst subject has always been English. It still is. It's writing all those essays. I know how to write one, it's just wording it is the problem. That and I summarize a lot. Analyzing is very difficult. I've talked with some people I know and even they say analyzing is difficult. And yes, Thankful, I 100% agree with you. I would also rather have spelling words and definitions. That would be much better than writing those dumb essays all the time.

    My best subject has always been Math. I've always been a numbers guy. Ever since I was 3, I've loved numbers. It's always been my thing. People even called me "The Human Calculator" in like 3rd grade because I would answer the multiplication problems so fast (yes, without a calculator). It's sad people don't call me that anymore, honestly, but people bring it up once in a while.

    -Matt Bingel

    Re: Your Best & Worst Subject In School? Past/Present


    My favorite classes are all engineering design / development / principles. These classes use math and science, but all in application of real life situations and problems. I do like math and science, but I do not like abstract problems or problems which do not have real life purpose-- so engineering classes I take combine those interests.

    I dislike history and government classes. Not to say the information is not important, but I am just not as into the topics as much as I am with other classes.

    Thanks for the post!