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    Do you like spicy food?

    created by cramergirl 280 days 5 hours 18 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Do you like spicy food?

    Hey CNet!

    Do you like spicy food? Why or why not? What is the spiciest thing you have ever eaten?

    I like spicy food if I can still taste the flavor of the food. I don't want to eat something just because it is spicy and burns my mouth. The spice has to add some flavor to the food. My boyfriend hates spicy food. He can't even eat the mild salsa at our favorite Mexican restaurant!

    Happy Thursday!!


    Re: Do you like spicy food?

    Hi Erin,

    I am neutral on spicy food. I don't like it at all, but if that's my only option I'll eat it without complaint. Salsa is the only thing that has to be spicy for me, but not painful spicy, just has to have a little kick.


    Re: Do you like spicy food?

    I love spicy food! I put Sriracha or Thai chili paste on almost everything! I know how to put it on in such a way that it doesn't completely disguise the flavor but I think the heat amplifies the flavor of the food. The hottest thing I've ever eaten was probably Thai food that I accidentally ordered with the maximum of 5 Stars. It was so hot! I was tearing up for the entire meal and I couldn't eat the whole thing. But it tasted amazing!

    Re: Do you like spicy food?


    I do not like spicy food. For some reason spicy food makes my ears burn. It doesn't make my food enjoyable to eat.

    Re: Do you like spicy food?

    Hey Cramergirl!

    I just had Thai food last night! Usually, I handle spicy food very well. I always tease my family for not being able to handle any spice. If I add even a dash of chili powder, my family cannot handle it! It's insane to me. The spicier a dish it, the better it is.

    When I go to Thai restaraunts, I always order my food with a four or five. Only once have I over stepped the boundary by doing that. I cannot remember what dish it was, but I got it with a five and was dripping sweat while trying to each this meal. It was really good, but the spice was a little over the top. Today, I ordered some pad woon sen and only got it at a four. I totally could've gotten it at a five (and I kind of regret that I didn't), but I had never had that dish at that restaurant, so I low balled it.

    I really enjoy spicy food and I do handle it fairly well. One of my friends is from Thailand and has brought me some of the spiciest dishes, which nearly killed me. She didn't think they were that spicy, but I sure did! Overall, I handle spice pretty well. But compared to some others, I'm a big wimp!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Re: Do you like spicy food?

    I like things only a bit spicy. I thought I loved spicy food until like a couple months back when I really tasted the definition of spicy and realized everything spicy I ate before is nothing in comparison. The spiciest thing I tasted was spicy ramen the super super hot kind that they sell at Asian supermarkets. Oh man it was like somebody dropped an atomic bomb on my tongue. It literally took me the entire day to rid of the spice in my mouth lol. I never touched another bag of spicy ramen again XD Sadly though, I bought an entire pack of it that came in like 6 bags, so I'm going to have to gather some balls back soon and try to finish it..

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!

    Re: Do you like spicy food?

    Hi Cramergirl,

    I really dislike spicy food because it burns my mouth and makes my eyes water. I try my best to avoid spicy food at all cost.

    Have a great day!

    - Unique

    Re: Do you like spicy food?

    Hi cramergirl,

    I do like spicy food, but like you, the spice has to have a nice, natural flavor it adds to the food. I don't like Tabasco sauce and some other hot sauces because they taste too artificial and I don't like the flavor they add to the food (some just add heat). I'm dating an Indian guy, so my spice tolerance has gone way up (but still isn't as high as his), as he and his mom both like spicy food.

    The spiciest thing I ever ate/drank is a toss-up between a vindaloo my boyfriend shared with me years ago (a few months before we started dating) and a shot of ghost-chili vodka (the bartender had soaked 2 ghost chilis in a mason jar of vodka for 2 weeks).


    Re: Do you like spicy food?

    Hey Erin,

    Unfortunately I'm with your boyfriend on this one.LOL. I can't tolerate spicy food at all.

    In some cases I will even break out in hives. I tend to get really red and blotchy.

    I'm also allergic to certain spices, I'm never sure which ones specifically as it seems to vary.

    I'm lucky that my allergic reactions haven't been really serious, thank goodness!

    Have a good one!!


    Re: Do you like spicy food?

    Yes and no. haha

    I love Mexican food. It's probably my favorite type of food, but there's certain sauces or spices that are too much for me to handle. To the point that the food isn't even enjoyable to me. I like everything in moderation :)


    Re: Do you like spicy food?

    I love spicy food! Think of it this way, did you ever hear someone say "I love bland food?" Not gonna happen, right? The tip of my tongue doesn't like spicy food but the rest of it sure does. I have won chicken wing eating contests where the sauce was deliberately made hot. There were several young men who could have beaten me handily if we were eating pancakes or hot dogs. But they couldn't hang when I ate a dozen super hot wings in a little over a minute. They were like "(Deleted)! Look at the old guy go!" And then they gave up.

    My step daughter's significant other collects hot sauce that has names like Death, Ghost, Flamethrower, et al. Although I could probably get that down my throat, once it is in your stomach, you might just as well have swallowed chemicals. So that's where I draw the line.

    Re: Do you like spicy food?

    Hey Erin!!
    I used to absolutely hate spicy food, much like your boyfriend does. Then my dad and brother finally cracked me after years of trying to get me to like it. Now I love spicy food and I put Frank's hot sauce on almost everything. I think I used to not like it because I have sensitive taste buds. I can't even drink carbonated beverages because the bubbles hurt my mouth. Anyways I think I like it now because I have become a little less sensitive. I think the spiciest thing I have ever had was buffalo chicken from a local restaurant.

    Re: Do you like spicy food?

    Yessssssss absolutely! I don't love the spice that burns your mouth to where you can't even focus but I love a good zing to my meal!

    When I was pregnant with both of my daughters, all I craved was Mexican food and jalapenos! Now my 2 year old loves chips and salsa so much!


    Re: Do you like spicy food?

    Hey guys!!

    Thank you so much for commenting on my post! It is always so nice to hear multiple sides of the story. I always think my boyfriend is such a baby for not being able to handle spicy food but it just isn’t for everyone!

    Thanks again you guys!