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    Why do you write?

    created by cramergirl 247 days 3 hours 45 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Why do you write?

    Hey guys!

    I know we all write on CollegeNET in hopes we can win a scholarship; however, there are countless scholarship opportunities. Why CollegeNET? There must be some reason we all choose to dedicate our time to writing every day.

    Personally, I use to hate writing because I thought I was bad at it. I hate feeling dumb and writing made me feel dumb. When I started CollegeNET, I fell in love with writing. I write because it is therapeutic and expressive. I never get the chance to share my ideas and be creative. CollegeNET has given that to me.

    Why do you write? Is it just for the scholarship, or do you get something else out of it too?

    Thanks guys :)


    Re: Why do you write?

    Hi CramerGirl,

    I write to express myself. I write a lot actually, whether it makes sense or not, we have so much on our minds we should let others see it one day.

    It is therapeutic too, just getting things off my mind into a private blog which my kids can read one day is amazing too. Once I was told I should write a fictional book, which maybe I will one day. For now writing is an escape.

    Re: Why do you write?

    I write to communicate on paper what's on my mind. It helps people to understand what I'm trying to convey, whether it's through the understanding of math skills or writing a report about the Civil War.


    Re: Why do you write?

    I can't write in a journal daily for my life, yet collegenet comes naturally now!

    I write because it introduces a constant into my life. I had trouble keeping a routine in the past but collegenet has given me a reason to compete and write out my thoughts every single day.

    I really don't write much at all besides emails other than here, but I think more levels of writing would be helpful. I do miss academic writing, but only a little bit. Thanks for reading!


    Re: Why do you write?

    Hi Erin,

    I love writing on CNET because it reminds me of the discussion boards I had to post on for many of my college classes. I would constantly check and see what new posts and replies people shared on those boards, and of course was sad when school was over because I really had a blast talking and learning from my classmates. CNET replicates that pretty well. You post and you reply, and you get to see various opinions on a variety of topics. It's fun, and I feel like I usually come away learning something, even if it's just something small. Of course the scholarships are nice, I'm in forbearance this year and every little bit will help the interest not grow too much. But really, I have fun posting on CNET!

    In the past while I could still apply for the written essay scholarships, I did try for a few. But I was never super confident with my writing skills and essay writing was such a big process for me. I tried for the ones that weren't too outside of my comfort zone, but for the amount of work I had to put in in between classes and working it didn't seem worth it. CNET always felt like there was a higher likelihood that my work would pay off, and even if it didn't at least I was an active participant, rather than just sending off an essay and then not being a part of the process.


    Re: Why do you write?

    Hi Erin,

    I have always enjoyed writing, and that’s why I enjoy CollegeNet. Also, I get to interact and connect with other people that I don’t even know! I find it really fun to reply and create posts. I never knew how creative I was until I was doing CollegeNet every day.

    Also, CollegeNet helped me with integrity because to keep in integrity is the only way things are workable. Keeping integrity with both myself and what I am out to accomplish is what creates transformation.



    Re: Why do you write?

    CNet seems way more personable than most scholarship opportunities where you're competing based off of an application that a few select people read. I like that this is so open, and people just write whatever comes to mind. I also like that we're all in the same boat when it comes to the student loan world.

    Like I said, just way more personable.


    Re: Why do you write?

    Hey guys!

    You should write a fictional book! My sister is currently trying to write a book and I am so excited to get the chance to read it.

    Like you, I write to express myself. I never knew how to express myself before writing! Because of writing, I have been able to pin point my feelings better and I have become more decisive. College Net has been a positive aspect of my life so far.

    Writing is an excellent way to convey a message. It sounds as though you write for other people. Do you get any internal benefits?

    I love that concept!!! Yes!! It is a constant in my life. It is a part of my routine now and it gives me a chance to express the thoughts I can't in everyday conversation. I completely agree with you Bella. Thank you for introducing that idea to me.

    It is fun! It is fun to check it throughout the day to see what new topics have come up and what people have said to your topic! It is like a healthier social media! :)

    You are very creative Song! I love your videos and your fun topics. I am glad writing gave you the opportunity to help you be creative and learn integrity!

    Ha! That is true. We are all very different people, but we come together because of a common problem! Student debt. This is the most fun way to deal with that problem :)

    I love this topic! I am happy you guys shared your amazing thoughts with me! Thanks, you guys!