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    Are you a starter or a finisher

    created by JessicaZ. 279 days 22 hours 35 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Are you a starter or a finisher

    Pretty straight forward! Are you someone who starts something but doesn't finish it through to the end or someone who finishes what they started?

    I would say most of the time I am a starter, I start something and then find out I'm a little over my head or lose interest after a little while. I have a lot of good ideas but few make their way to action/completion.

    However! I am becoming less of a talker and more of a doer in the last year, and feel more like a finisher than I ever have; I took steps to enroll in school again and will be finishing in June, I signed up for a gym membership and have been going consistently for over a month now, and college net is also something i have stuck with for several months now. I feel like I am controlling my life more and more each day :)

    How about you?


    Re: Are you a starter or a finisher


    I try to start and finish all my projects. I always make sure decide if something is worth my time before I start the work to finish it. I am not happy when I have a lot of half-finished work. I seek out things that I am interested in so I can efficiently dedicate my time to them.


    Re: Are you a starter or a finisher

    HI Jessica Z.,

    I would say I am an initiator as well. I love to start projects and always have creativity flowing through me. Finishing things occurs to me as boring sometimes and I just want to do exciting things! For example, when I was an artist, I would draw every day for 1-4 hours. I loved starting art pieces and remember putting forth so much effort to complete them. I still have a lot of unfinished projects and do not have the skills anymore to complete them. I could spend 1 hour a day drawing and by the end of the month I am sure I would be at the skill level again to complete these unfinished projects.

    I am much better at finishing things nowadays because I value integrity a lot. Integrity means the state of whole and complete. It means honor your word, "plan your work, work your plan", and complete on time. One example of this is posting with CollegeNet. I started CollegeNet at the end of June 2017. The moment I found about it, I thought it was an amazing idea! Since then, there has only been three weeks where I chose not to participate. I have won $4800 since June and am dilligent about posting and voting. There has been 2-3 times where I simply forgot to post and numerous times where I could not or forgot to vote. However, I clear up that lack of integrity quick without making myself wrong for missing a post or vote. I also have structures set in place to remind me to post and vote. I have two alarms. One that goes off at 10am and one at 3pm.

    With my business, I have alarms to post on Instagram. One that goes off at 12pm, one at 4pm, and one at 8pm. I have more reasons and stories for why I should not post and why I do not want to post. All in all, I am much better at finishing what I start, and I find it boring and like starting things much better.

    Thanks for the great forum!



    Re: Are you a starter or a finisher

    Hey Jess,

    I guess I would say that I am a little of both depending on what it is I'm working on at anytime.

    I have a bunch of "projects" I have started at home since I have recently moved into a new apartment, but most have been on the back burner as I am recovering from a recent surgery. I hope to be able to complete a few in the next month or so.

    I would say that I am more of a "finisher" when it comes to work related things as II know others are depending on me.

    Thanks Jess!!


    Re: Are you a starter or a finisher

    Hi JessicaZ.,

    Depends on who you ask! I say I'm a finisher, but some people around me think of me as a starter. I much prefer to finish a task before going on to another one, but sometimes I'll start several tasks around the same time (but I finish them!). If I haven't finished a task one day, I'll pick the same task up the next, but this looks to other people like I'm a starter and not a finisher. Life happens, though, and sometimes I'm unable to finish in one sitting so I have to do it at the next available opportunity. I do finish 90% of the tasks I take on, however, and like to get things done so things don't pile up.


    Re: Are you a starter or a finisher


    I am definitely a starter who never finishes. At first Im so excited about a particular thing and have my motivation at 10000% lol and then half way through it sometimes not even half and i get easily distracted or board. I push myself to keep going but never really do. Time passes and passes and I even dream about why i didn’t finish what I started lol. Then finally friends force me and i finish things by force. Idk i have always been this way. I wish i wasnt like this. I feel so bad not accomplishing things I start.

    Re: Are you a starter or a finisher

    Hey Jessica!

    I feel like I am more of a finisher, but sometimes that can go against me. I always want to finish whatever I am currently doing, which often makes me arrive late to my next activity or event. Or, sometimes a project that I have started is hopeless, yet I keep trying to get it and it takes away time from something else that I could be more productive with.

    Thanks for the post! Good luck with school and with all of your goals!

    Re: Are you a starter or a finisher

    Hi, I am a finisher. When I decide on something then I complete the act or deed and persevere until it is done to my satisfaction or someone else's.

    - W

    Re: Are you a starter or a finisher

    I would say that I am more of a starter, but In this year I have been getting much better. Instead of always talking about traveling, I actually committed to an international trip this year by registering for a four day retreat. Now that I have put money down, I am more motivated to make things fall into place between now and then and make sure it actually happens. I won't let it get brushed off till next year! Nope! Not gonna happen.

    Re: Are you a starter or a finisher

    Hey Jess,
    It truly depends on the situation. If it is something I really have no desire to do, I am more along the lines of starting it and not putting a huge effort in to finish it. If it is something I am interested it, I am 100% a finisher! I love having tasks done and accomplishing things!!

    This trait probably drives my husband nuts but when I want something done, I wanted it done like yesterday so I have a ton of drive to get it finished!!