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    Life Goals

    created by mkwilliams1117 280 days 2 hours 23 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Life Goals

    Hey Everyone!

    What is one life goal that you had that you've already accomplished?

    What is a life goal you have for yourself that you plan to accomplish in the future?

    One goal that I had for myself that I accomplished was starting my own business.

    A life goal I have for myself for the future is to complete the Leadville 100 ultra marathon in Colorado. I attempted it two years ago but missed one of the cut off times and didn't complete the race.

    We've got some really motivated and awesome people on this site so I look forward to learning some of your accomplishments and goals!

    Thanks for reading!

    Re: Life Goals

    One goal that I have already accomplished was to become a teacher. In college, I dreamed of having my own classroom and being able to teach history. That goal was accomplished.

    One goal that I would like to accomplish in the future is to finish my graduates degree to become a high school principal. I want to be a leader! I love the education field and I want to work in administration!!



    Re: Life Goals

    Hey Megan!

    One goal that I have set for myself and accomplished is not to have any college debt. I don't want to start a new career with a large payment every month. I haven't finished school yet, but so far, I have worked hard to pay for school. Luckily the in-state tuition at Montana State is very reasonable.

    I can't wait to graduate and not have to worry about paying back my school for my education.

    Another small life goal that I have set for myself is to visit the east coast. I accomplished this goal in December and knocked Disney World off my bucket list! Orlando was awesome!

    Thanks for the post! Good luck on that marathon!


    Re: Life Goals

    Hey everyone,

    Megan... That is such a cool goal! Respect for runners especially marathon runners/trainees!!!

    Graduating from my program is my most recent goal. It was so mentally and physically challenging, I wasn't sure I was going to make it through the program many times. I was faced with many non-academic hardships as well, and I am so proud that I earned my master's by age 23.

    Looking forward, I have a savings goal that I was trying to meet for the new year but will be ongoing into this year. It will be a challenge as I simultaneously pay off more than a grand of student debt per month.

    Along with that, I WILL pay off my private loans this year! They top out at 10% interest rates and clearing this debt will save me a lot of money in the long run.

    Great forum, I look forward to reading more on all you goal oriented people :)


    Re: Life Goals

    I accomplished the goal of making it to college. Now, my next goal is to graduate from college and finally earn my first-paying job.


    Re: Life Goals

    One goal I already accomplished is becoming and SLP (and a damn good one if I must say so).

    I want to complete the Everest base camp hike. I'm obsessed with Everest and need to see it one day!

    Re: Life Goals

    Hey Megan,

    That's so cool that you completed a marathon! Okay so technically you say it wasn't completed, but to even attempt an ultra marathon sounds amazing! My future goal is to run a mini marathon. Whatever the shortest one is. I'd love to attempt it! I've been on a pretty long "fitness" journey, and want to start a couch to 5k program sometime this summer when I have my schedule all worked out. Here's hoping I see it through like I'm planning!

    One thing I've accomplished that's related to the above is getting myself down to a healthy weight. I have about 16 more lbs to drop before I'm happy, but I'm hovering on a healthy bmi where before I was close to an obese bmi. I carried it well so it was never something anyone but doctors commented on, but I'm really proud of it and see it as my first step to running a marathon someday! It's amazing how running doesn't hurt my joints anymore!

    Good luck to everyone on their future goals, and congrats on all your accomplishments!

    Re: Life Goals

    Hi mkwilliams1117,

    That is really great to hear you achieved creating your own business and completing a marathon! I am curious as to what that business is.

    One life goal I was able to accomplish, yet it is not complete, is creating my own business as well! Myself and two other people created an eco-friendly and fair-trade online clothing store! We started in September and then stopped the project in the month of December. Now that we are starting to gain momentum again, I am excited for all the possibility we can create! :D

    Another life goal I was able to accomplish is to go to the University Of Washington. I am an undergraduate student here and I love it! I am studying Psychology and could not be happier studying here. This is an incredible institution with amazing opportunity. It is amazing to think I am almost half way through my second quarter here. I only have four left to go after this one! :O




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