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    created by mistervancleef 280 days 2 hours 53 minutes ago

    Category: World


    What was the most dangerous thing you've done?

    Have jumped out of a plane? Have you driven over 100 mph?

    What have you done??


    Re: Danger

    The most dangerous thing I have done was probably racing against my friend on the freeway. I got to a high speed of 110 mph. It was dangerous because as we got close to the exit, I made my way over, but he ended up cutting in front of a semi-truck, which was bad, but thankfully nothing happened.

    Re: Danger

    The most dangerous thing I've ever done has to be flying across the world at a young 18 years of age with barely enough cash to make it to the end of the trip, and little knowledge of travel at all. Also, I did not know the language when I went to Mallorca. I thought they would speak Spanish in Spain, but everyone spoke Catalan!

    It was awesome, I didn't get abducted, and sooooo worth the risk.


    Re: Danger


    When I was a teenager I would do a lot of crazy stuff. I used to go cliff jumping. My friends and I would find small cliffs with deep pools of water and jump off of them. I remember one time I almost hit a rock and that was the last time I ever jumped off of anything. Being young makes us do some crazy stuff. YOLO.

    - Julia

    Re: Danger

    Lol good question! Now that I think about it I haven't really done much dangerous things in my life before lol, except for like the minor things that I feel like put in my mental danger of some kind (i.e. stepping out of my comfort zones).

    I think the last thing I did something remotely dangerous that almost endangered my life, which was slightly dumb of me for doing it, was I tried baking cookies with wax paper lol. I didn't have the baking sheets at the time, and I figured wax paper would work just fine. After putting the baking pan in the oven for like 1 minute though the alarm was going off and smoke was breaking out in my kitchen. I had a mini heart attack, but thankfully I was able to save myself, house and the cookies lol so it was all good..

    Have a good one!

    Re: Danger

    Hi Tom,

    I try to avoid danger and adventurous activities that are dangerous. No skydiving or bungee jumping for me. Although, I must admit that in my younger, dumber days I did drive 100mph on a straightaway out in the middle of nowhere. There weren't any cars around, but it was a reckless thing to do.

    Re: Danger

    Hi Tom!

    Being pregnant, I've tried to be pretty safe the past nine months, so it's hard to remember my dangerous moments right now!

    A couple of years ago I got on an ultra marathon kick so I was training a lot in the woods and in the mountains. I traveled for races, and some of the races were pretty physically demanding. I did one that was in the mountains at 12,500' altitude. I felt pretty safe, but a lot of my friends and family thought I was crazy and that it was dangerous!

    Thanks for the post and have an awesome day!