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    Posting on social media?

    created by OSilentNightOwl 280 days 14 hours 28 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    Posting on social media?

    Hey everybody!

    How often would you say you post on social media? I personally only have a Facebook, and I rarely ever actually do anything other than lurk. I keep saying I'll make an effort to post more articles that I like, but I always end up just not doing it. I'll comment in groups sometimes, but even that is a rare event. So while I definitely am using social media more than I should be, I'm rarely actually ever posting on it.

    So, how about you all? Do you post often? Why or why not?

    All the best,

    Re: Posting on social media?

    Hi, I mainly converse with my friends through snapchat or instagram. I rarely use Facebook, though I will text my friends to make arrangements to meet and what not.

    - W

    Re: Posting on social media?

    Hey Matt!

    I post a little bit on facebook, but not that much. I'm much more active on instagram (for my artwork) and tumblr. '

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: Posting on social media?

    Hi Matt

    I am exactly the same as you. I only use facebook and I rarely post anything. I just looking at what's going on in my friends life,I will like pictures and comment when I am moved to do so. That is about it though.

    Have a great Monday!


    Re: Posting on social media?

    Hi Matt,

    I have a Facebook and and Instagram. I post on both for about once every week or so. I post to Instagram and share it to Facebook. Even though I don't post that frequently, I spend too much time scrolling for sure!

    I own a small business so whenever I have events going on, it's my busy season, or I'm running a promotion, I post to my business accounts much more frequently, and I share it to my personal page as well. Particularly if I'm going to be set up at a local market or pop-up shop, I'll post at least 3 times during the week prior to the event about the event. It keeps it relevant and in people's mind. It's an effective marketing tool, and as event vendors I feel like we have a responsibility to share so that we get people out and interested.

    Thanks for the post!

    Re: Posting on social media?


    I post every day, several times a day. However, Social Media is my full time job and that is why.

    On my personal accounts it just depends on my mood. I try to stay active though because I share the horror makeup I do on my pages and that has gotten me several side makeup jobs in film, television and music videos!

    Re: Posting on social media?

    Hi Matt,

    I actually do not like being on social media very often. Ideally, I would be on social media only 20 minutes a week total. This does not include Facebook Messenger and texting. However, I own a business and it is important to post everyday. I post once a day and do photoshoots at least once every other week. I use this app called "Later" to help me with posting regularly and keep on track. It saves a lot of time! :D

    Now, looking at how the business Instagram looks, I am proud of it and see it almost as an ongoing art project. It is really fun to see everything come together, gain followers and people to look at it, and take photos! :D

    As for my personal social media, I deleted Snapchat and only have Instagram and Facebook. I check Facebook every other day for about 5 minutes and rarely check my personal Instagram.




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    Re: Posting on social media?

    Greetings and good evening,
    Im44 years old and I refuse to have social media. I think it creates unreasonable pressure and massive distraction. I have ADHD and the last thing I need is one more thing to distract me. It's just not for me. This site is for an educational purpose and is very mind stimulating to me. I love every single question we ask. I think we're a neat bunch. Thanks for posting a neat question. Have a great week ahead.

    Re: Posting on social media?

    Hey there everyone!

    I dont really use social media other than Facebook either, but I check it more than a few times during the day. I am starting to use it more for the photos because there are so many crazy and negatives posts out there, I am coming around to using Instagram more often.

    I have a really large family and friends from the military that are all over the country, and world. Social media is a great way for me to keep up with them. I am more of an observer than a poster as well!

    Re: Posting on social media?

    Hi Matt!

    I only have an Instagram, and I only post about once or twice a month. Sometimes I will take photos that I think at the moment, "I'm going to post this!" But, once it's over and I go back home, I'm usually too lazy to actually do it. This happens to me especially after I go on vacation because I am too scared to post during vacation, yet I am never in the mood to post when I return home. I feel proud of myself when I actually post something lol!

    Thanks for the post! Have a nice evening!

    Re: Posting on social media?

    Hi guys!
    So you might not think I’m a young adult given my social media use- I'm only on Facebook, no snapchat or twitter or anything! But I am on my Facebook a lot, and here’s why:
    As a college student at a really small school, the easiest way to stay connected to everyone in your class is through Facebook groups. You can find out what events are coming up, what classes are available, etc. oh, and if I had a nickel for every time someone posted about losing something while they were partying Friday night... well, I’d have a whole lot of nickels!