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    What was your first job?

    created by cramergirl 249 days 35 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What was your first job?

    Hey guys!

    I think a first job really impacts a person. My first job was a waitress at a local Chinese restaurant. Because of this job, I am more appreciative of the people working in those positions. I know how it feels to not have the ability to stick up for yourself when dealing with unreasonable people.

    What was your first job? How has that job impacted the person you are today?

    Thanks guys!


    Re: What was your first job?


    My first job was a wild ride. I worked at the movie theaters. It was such a simple , but very demanding job. The hours were very solid and I was there literally everyday. I had no say if I can have the morning , afternoon or the night shift. I had school so it was hard to balance the weird hours . I enjoyed having free movie tickets and concessions discounts. Overall , it was not worth the time and effort because the pay was crappy !

    - Julia

    Re: What was your first job?

    Hey Erin!

    My first "job" was shoveling snow, if you can count that as a job. I honestly didn't learn much except that it's quite irritating to have your income dependent on the weather. My second "job" or first "real job" was working as a stocker and cleaner of a small local supplements/grocery/health food store. I learned how to put up with a difficult boss and EXTREMELY entitled customers. I definitely wouldn't work there ever again, mostly because the jobs I've gotten since pay much better and are not anywhere near customer service, which I'm terrible at. Lol.

    Hope you all have a great week!

    Re: What was your first job?

    My very first job was working in a call center. I was a customer service rep. It was a hard job and the training was rigorous. I am glad it was my,first job however because it taught me a lot about good customer service.

    Have a great Sunday!


    Re: What was your first job?

    My first job was a catering job. It was terrible and only lasted a few months!!!


    Re: What was your first job?

    Hey Erin,

    My first job was as a day camp counselor at a hotel. I really liked it and the money was really good for a 14 year was a paycheck plus tips!

    I really liked working with kids and having a chance to do some great activities with them from sports to crafts.

    I still work with kids now- teenagers and I Love it!!

    Thanks for the post Erin!


    Re: What was your first job?

    Hi Erin,

    My first job was working at a low-cost vaccination clinic. I would walk up and down the line of people waiting for their pet's shots and help them do the paperwork. It taught me that no matter how small a role may seem, everyone is needed for a business to run well. This applies to the top employees (the vets and owners) to the lower down ones like me who cleaned up dog mess and handed out clip boards. I am thankful for my time there as I don't feel much is "below" me when it comes to work. We all start somewhere and I also don't ever think someone is lesser than me because of the tasks they do for work.

    Have a good one!

    Re: What was your first job?

    Hey Erin!

    My first job was working at a local flower shop. I worked in the greenhouse taking care of the plants and was also the garden saleswoman. I did it during the summer months in high school to save enough money to buy myself a computer for college. That first job taught me so much. Working in customer service really teaches you a lot about yourself and it also teaches you to be more patient and kind with people. That first job also had a lot of hard labor and hot hours, and I feel like that taught me to be tough and humble. Lastly, because of working there I discovered my love of flowers :)



    Re: What was your first job?

    Good evening!
    My first job was McDonald’s..that didn’t last long lol and then it was Domino’s.

    Have a great night,

    Re: What was your first job?

    Hey Erin,
    My first job was actually washing dishes in a restaurant and it absolutely sucked! It was a hard, dirty job and you constantly dealt with rudeness of people but I needed a job so I took it. After that point, I learned kitchen duties and became a busser and server in that restaurant. I learned banquet serving, bartending and hosting. It was a great job because I learned so much and was able to fit in to many different roles and work with many different groups of people.

    The restaurant industry teaches you how to work hard under pressure, always be accurate in your math and customer service. It teaches you that sometimes people are just unreasonable no matter what you do but you have to keep working hard!


    Re: What was your first job?

    I always hear that working in the service industry has that effect - never had a service job myself though. Although I did work as a cashier/stocker at Bed Bath and Beyond which was my first job outside of the work I did in high school at my parent's practice when they first started and didn't have staff (literally everything from graphic design to mopping floors!).

    It was over a summer break in college and even though it only lasted a few months, it taught me a lot about patience!

    Re: What was your first job?

    Hey! My first job was working at the local ski area! I sold tickets in a nice warm booth with 5 of my friends!

    The free lift tickets were the best part!

    Re: What was your first job?

    Hi cramergirl,

    My first job was helping care for my grandmother, who suffered 9-10 strokes over the course of her lifetime. I provided speech, physical, and occupational therapy for her, as well as general patient care, and once stayed with her alone for a few days while my grandpa was away. This was a tough job for a teenager, but it gave me a greater understanding of the struggles of the invalid, helped mature me, and gave me experience in the several different fields of therapy.

    My first job outside of family was working at a Mexican restaurant called Cactus Pear as a hostess. I loved working in a food service environment, and like you said with your Chinese restaurant job, it made me much more appreciative and understanding of those who do. I always tip well when I go places because I know that's how servers make their money, and I'm paying for their time and the often-exhausting work they do. I also am patient when waiting for tables, etc. in restaurants, because I know sometimes the kitchen can be backed up even if everything looks fine out in the dining area. Learning to value those serving you is an important life lesson that I've learned from all the food service jobs I've taken!


    Re: What was your first job?

    Hey there!

    Like you, my first job was a waitressing position when I was 16. I personally think that everyone should have to work in a restaurant at some point in their life. You make quick money, and have to learn how to manage it. You have to learn how to multitask and handle people in all types of situations. I have worked in several restaurants and bars throughout the years and have made some of the best friends of my life in those jobs. I have since and I am finally past that point in my life. I will always be grateful for that experience!

    Re: What was your first job?

    Hey Guys!

    Thanks for the posts!

    It is amazing to get to see where you guys all began! I love reading these posts because it gives me a little glimpse into your lives. I can experience those jobs through your writings! It is amazing.

    Does the thought of one day never having to work jobs like these make you guys as happy as it makes me? I love college! It gives me hope for a better future!

    Thanks again for the posts you guys :)