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    Renewable energy?

    created by chikzilla 251 days 14 hours 33 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Renewable energy?

    Hello CNet!

    What do you think about renewable energy sources?

    As someone who works in research in photochemistry, I am strongly biased towards solar energy as humanity's best bet for meeting the global energy demand. Obviously there will be need for other sources of energy, like nuclear on submarines for example, but for the majority of the world I think solar energy is the way to go. Especially since there are many important breakthroughs in both organic photocells and IR photocells as we speak!

    What do all of you think? Are you pro wind? Pro nuclear? Pro solar? Hydrogen? Hydro? Plant derived ethanol? Or do you think this problem will sort itself out in the next hundred years or so?

    I'm interested in everyone's input!

    Have a great day!


    Re: Renewable energy?

    hey Sarah!

    You are obviously very well informed about renewable energy sources. I am going to try my best to answer your question. I believe that solar energy is very important and the next big move towards the future. I absoultely believe that there are other forms of saving energy through other sources that I have not done research on.

    With climate changing forcing the hand of the world’s top innovators, what poses to be the most promising renewable energy ?

    Hydropower is currently the most efficient renewable energy is clean, renewable and reliable. It's cheap too!, however there are many cons to hydropower as well.

    I hope we find a more promising energy source.


    Re: Renewable energy?

    Hey Sarah!

    I'm all for renewable energy like solar, wind, and hydro. Personally I love solar energy. One day I hope to have an entirely green house with Elon's shingles (the very attainable dream). The power wall is game changer and if every house/company/factory chooses the more ecological and wallet friendly options we can transition from fossil fuels.

    But I'm also really into the solar roads! It just makes so much sense!!! Hopefully it continues to develop!

    Re: Renewable energy?


    I think that for the time being we need all of the above, meaning every renewable. Currently, over a billion people live without electricity, world coal consumption continues to rise and almost 90% of new US onshore oil and gas wells are hydraulically fractured. In case it does not go without saying, I consider all three of the above things to be wrong. In order to help the poor and to stop trashing the planet, I'll do anything short of running on a treadmill to power a generator.

    I see at least two questions. 1) Is solar the most efficient and practical source of renewable energy? and 2) does the development of alternative renewables such as wind and hydro impede the development of solar? I don't know that there is an answer to either. Photochemistry sounds fascinating, for everyone's sake, I wish you the best.

    Re: Renewable energy?


    I think that renewable energies are the way of the future but are limited in current capabilities. Once they're more consumer friendly (cheaper) then i think we'll really have something. A good example is of electric cars, as they get cheaper I think we'll see a significant rise in use of and approval for renewable sources of energy.


    Re: Renewable energy?

    Hi Sarah,

    This is such a great topic! It is very thought-provoking and relevant. I am totally with you 100% about renewable energy sources. I believe solar energy is one of our best sources for energy. In the near future, I believe we will have another "enlightenment" where something totally revolutionary happens. A total breakthrough in boundaries and humanity. I believe this shift will transform what it means to be a human being.

    We already have seen transformation (new breakthroughs always comes with breakdowns and problems, this is just how we grow), through industrialization, then scientific advancement, then the Internet, and next will be Crystal technology (or something like it). New transformations and breakthroughs for humanity will closer and closer together.

    This Crystal technology will shift away from industrialized and metal technology/parts and mimic plants in a very efficient and miraculous way. Future energy resources will be able to mimic an ecosystem. Instead of most solar energy going to waste, we will be able to harvest and store enough to power every major city in the world for a week if something happens. We will also be able to fund space expeditions because of this revolutionary technology.

    Energy will be free and homes will be powered. No one will have to choose between the electricity bill and their groceries.



    Re: Renewable energy?

    Hi there,

    I am for the use of renewable energy, especially wind. It is the most efficient source of renewable energy and it isn't hard to harvest (on land anyways). I actually want to have a lot of land later and get a wind turbine on my land. I think that renewable energy is a great idea, but it has a long way to go. Right now, coal and oil are still able to supply us well and cheaply which makes renewable energy not as enticing to some. I think that the free market could really help renewable energy take off though if there weren't so many regulations on them. Not a popular opinion, I know, but I really do want to see renewable energy take off and advance beyond what it is now.

    Re: Renewable energy?

    Hello, fellow Sarah (although I spell it without an "h").

    As someone who studied sustainability in her undergrad, I'm obviously all for renewable energy. Surprisingly enough, though, I am of the very unpopular opinion that nuclear energy is awesome.

    I love solar and wind, but nuclear doesn't get the attention it deserves. But before I go into that, I'll celebrate the fact that renewables ARE becoming competitive with fossil fuels, contrary to popular belief. Battery retention technology has come a long way, and solar is now on par with fossil fuels in some places. It's simply a matter of making it accessible to people. Hopefully tax breaks and subsidies for renewable energy installations come along in greater numbers as the cost of recovery for fossil fuels continues to increase.

    Now...nuclear. It's frickin' awesome. I used to be SO against it when I first started my undergrad, but then I had to prepare for a debate on it and ended up doing months of research into the feasibility and sustainability of nuclear energy. Modern tech has taken away most of the dangers of nuclear energy; we now have much better practices of waste processing and even greater efficiency in nuclear energy application. That being said, it isn't cost effective to invest in new nuclear plants, only to update existing ones. Nuclear has a bad reputation, but times are a-changin'! Regardless...people will probably never buy into it ever again. It's a huge NIMBY issue.

    A brief aside: Isn't it hilarious that the new administration is trying to bring coal back to life? I mean, consider the irony. A central tenant of modern Republicanism is trust in the free market. Trust in the free market means that one should be okay with letting businesses die when they are no longer economically feasible, which coal no longer is. Think of how Republican politicians kicked and screamed when Obama saved the American auto industry - "you're not letting the market do it's thing!" And yet here they are trying to save a dying industry that employs fewer people than renewable energy simply because those workers tend to vote Republican. It cracks me up.