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    How do you Introduce Yourself?

    created by Phoenician 251 days 17 hours 27 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    How do you Introduce Yourself?

    Good evening CNET,

    This is my first post and I thought it would be appropriate to make it about greetings. When you meet someone new how do you greet him? A firm handshake and strong eye contact? A warm smile and a nod? And obviously it depends on who you're meeting, so in what ways does it vary?

    If I'm meeting someone in a formal or work setting it's an introduction, handshake, smile, and a curt nod, sometimes even in that order. But if I'm meeting someone in an informal setting I give a warmer smile and make sure I make eye contact. Sometimes there's a handshake, sometimes not. Anyhow, how do you introduce yourself?


    Re: How do you Introduce Yourself?

    Hey Phoenician!

    Welcome to cNet!! Whenever I meet someone new, my first go to whether it's formal or informal is to give one of my biggest smiles and say "nice to meet you." If they are a friend of a friend, I always hug as well. I think I like to be warm and inviting when I meet someone new mostly because I've been on the other side of it and have been the new person before, and it has always been so nice to have someone go out of their way to be kind.

    Again, welcome to cNet! It's always great to add to the community :)



    Re: How do you Introduce Yourself?

    Hi Phoenician,

    I sort of play it by ear depending on the occasion, but I typically will introduce myself and either nod my head or shake the person's hand, depending on what feels appropriate.


    Re: How do you Introduce Yourself?

    Welcome to CNET! It definitely depends on the situation but the usual is a warm smile, nod and a handshake while repeating their name. It shows friendliness and helps me remember their name if needed!

    Re: How do you Introduce Yourself?


    Interesting question. I introduce myself in multiple ways depending on the person. If they are older than me, I would typically do a handshake. However if it is a potential friend, I will give them a warm smile and a nice to meet you.

    I often introduce myself with my name, major, and where I go.


    Re: How do you Introduce Yourself?

    Hello Phoenician!

    I totally agree with you, its all about context! If I'm at work I will usually greet someone with a "Hello my name is -" and a hand shake, followed by the obligatory "nice to meet you". Unless we're in lab, then I'd be wearing gloves and a handshake would be out of the question!

    In a bar or somewhere else, it would definitely be more like "hey, how are you", unless they're a friend of a friend and then it might be "Hey I've heard so much about you!"

    I guess it all depends on who, what, when, where and how!


    Re: How do you Introduce Yourself?

    Hi there,

    I agree that it depends on who you are meeting and in what setting! I always try to shake someones hand if it is professional, sometimes if I am meeting a friend I will give them a hug, and those are normally the two types of interactions I take part in!

    Re: How do you Introduce Yourself?

    Welcome to Cnet!

    I totally agree with everyone here about context. A formal setting requires a more formal greeting and a casual setting can allow a more informal greeting.

    Always with a smile, though!


    Re: How do you Introduce Yourself?

    Great question!

    It really depends on the circumstance. Professionally, since I'm just starting out, I like to establish myself as a good listener and someone who is proactive so I tend to sit back and observe everything at first, then try to calmly offer suggestions to make improvements.

    When meeting friends of friends for the first time, quite the opposite! I'm louder, more talkative, and generally more energetic - greeting with hugs instead of a warm smile/handshake.