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    Do you friend coworkers on social media?

    created by bluebella 283 days 16 hours 5 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    Do you friend coworkers on social media?

    Hey everyone!

    In school it tends to be much easier to meet people and make friends especially as you progress through programs together. When you get to the working world, it's said, it's a lot harder to make new friends.

    Anyway, I was wondering: do you think it's different friending bosses or coworkers while in school versus in the working world?

    For those of you in school, do you keep or do you think you'll keep your circles separate more after school is over?

    Do you keep your online profiles open to anyone you know or are you more restrictive about who sees your information?

    Looking forward to what you all think!

    Re: Do you friend coworkers on social media?

    My current job and previous job I haven't really added any friends on facebook. There are people I'd like to be friends with, but I want it to come more naturally. If it doesn't happen, then there's really no point to connecting with them online. I had a coworker once who didn't connect with any coworkers on facebook as a general rule, but then we became really close and she changed her feelings a bit. We don't work together anymore, but we are still friends on facebook and we talk often.

    In college I kept my facebook more private so if you searched for my name, my profile would not come up. This was because I had a lot of awkward interactions where guys in particular would ask if I had a facebook and want to add me as a friend, but I was not interested in what they were after. In order to make it less uncomfortable in the moment, I would say yes I do and then we would go our separate ways with me knowing they wouldn't be able to find me and I wouldn't have to deal with them again.


    Re: Do you friend coworkers on social media?

    Hey Bella!

    I only do this if I was friends with the coworker outside of work before either they or myself worked together. Otherwise, it just doesn't seem appropriate. I like to keep my professional life and personal life fairly separate!

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: Do you friend coworkers on social media?

    Hi bluebella,

    It depends on the work environment. When I worked at Chipotle and this little Mexican restaurant, I friended coworkers from those places, but I haven't friended more recent coworkers in the school district where I substitute teach or coworkers from the kayak company I worked for over the summer (although I wouldn't feel as weird friending them). I guess I default to friending people from more informal workplaces that aren't a part of my main career path.


    Re: Do you friend coworkers on social media?

    Hey! I usually don’t add coworkers on social media. I try to keep it professional. If they add me, most of the time I’ll add them but only if we’re actually friends at work. I don’t want people to creep on me and try to get dirt on me.

    Re: Do you friend coworkers on social media?

    Hey Bella!

    When I was working in a frozen yogurt shop, I friended most of my co-workers because we were all college students. Now that I'm working at an office at my school, it feels a bit different/weirder friending my co-workers (mostly because they're my supervisors), but I still accept their friend requests if they decide to. Whereas my actual co-workers are students, so it doesn't feel weird friending them!

    - Kyle

    Re: Do you friend coworkers on social media?

    I'm an open book, so I have a lot of friends from the working world and from school on facebook. I don't have bosses however, but project managers, fellow employees, yes.

    aka: you haha

    Re: Do you friend coworkers on social media?

    I used to friend coworkers until the 2016 election. Then I found out that one of my coworkers and I had extreme political differences. Although he wasn't my boss, he held a higher position in the company than I did. I couldn't bring myself to agree with anything he had to say and I felt as though I had to pull my punches in arguing with him. So I unfollowed him, apologized for upsetting him and reminded him no matter who is president, we still need to work together. After that, I will not friend anyone I need to work with.

    We work with people in order to succeed in business. As long as they are good at what they do and the two of you can collaborate, their personal life does not matter. If Hitler could play the drums well, I might hire him for a gig, but I wouldn't want to be friends. My coworker and I used to exchange personal news, how's the wife and kids and that sort of thing. Now, it's just work.

    Re: Do you friend coworkers on social media?

    Hey Bella,

    Believe it or not I do not have a facebook, instagram or tweeter account. I have been reluctant to create any just because of the accessibility people have. I do understand the value of having these kind of accounts and how it connects you to others.

    My fiancé has a facebook account and I generally go on his account to view any "family" things that are going on, especially pictures of events, etc.


    Re: Do you friend coworkers on social media?

    I don't friend any of my coworkers on FB. A few of them are my Linked In network. Since I am a supervisor, I don't was to see what they do on their down time.