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    All you can eat buffets?

    created by cloudabu42 251 days 19 hours 32 minutes ago

    Category: World

    All you can eat buffets?

    Hey cNet!

    Tonight I went with some friends to an all you can eat sushi restaurant. For $25 you can order as many rolls as you can eat, along with other entres like sushimi, hibachi, and desserts. I love that you can try a little bit of everything, however I feel like I never eat enough to get my money's worth. Either way it was pretty great!

    How about you? Do you like all you can eat buffets?



    Re: All you can eat buffets?


    I dislike all you can eat buffets. I think they are a certain level of unsanitary.
    Also portion control is harder at a buffet. If rather have one plate of food and be finished.

    - Julia

    Re: All you can eat buffets?

    HI Abby!

    I just had a seafood buffet for lunch today! There were lots of sushi, mussels, and various types of fruits that were very delicious. I eat at buffets more often than I should, but I try to stick with healthy options and limit myself to two plates.

    Thanks for the post! Have a nice day!

    Re: All you can eat buffets?

    Hi cloudabu42,

    I LOVE all-you-can-eat buffets! I'm a huge foodie and I love to eat good food! (And on days when I'm particularly hungry, I can totally eat enough to make it worth it!)


    Re: All you can eat buffets?

    Hey Abby!

    YES! I absolutely love all you can eat buffets. I especially love it when I eat my money's worth! I usually go when I'm super hungry, so I eat at least 3 plates worth of food whenever I go. Considering each plate on average would be $10-15, I definitely would say I make it worth!

    That sushi buffet sounds so delicious... I love sushi! I've only ever been to Golden Corral and Asian-style buffets!

    - Kyle

    Re: All you can eat buffets?

    LOL I totally know what you mean. When I eat out at all you can eat buffets I try to keep an empty stomach before hand so I can really get my money's worth of food x) Most of the time I can't really stuff myself more than I can handle and usually it's a loss on my end, but oh well, eating out typically is going to be expensive anyway so..
    I think the best thing about all you can eat buffets is that you get to try out many different foods and expand your tastebuds, and of course it would be even greater if you can eat your money's worth of food lol!
    I think $25 is pretty solid for all you can eat sushi though! Sushi is just generally very expensive isn't it?? (I haven't ate out for sushi in forever since my mom likes to make it at home lol)

    Have a good one!

    Re: All you can eat buffets?


    I do not particularly like buffets, however, my boyfriend can eat a small village amount of food, so in that aspect, I like them! LOL! We also have very different food tastes. He is very adventurous with eating and I am very plain so this gives us an opportunity to both find things that we like. With him around we DEFINITELY get our moneys worth!

    Re: All you can eat buffets?


    Buffets were an integral part of my childhood (which might say more about my childhood than buffets) and I've always enjoyed them as a result. It was great because being from a big family at a buffet everyone was happy with the options which was a rarity in our household. Now though as a young adult some of the novelty is gone, but I've been to a place similar to the one you're describing where it was $25 for as much sushi as you could possibly eat and to this day it's one of my favorite restaurants (though it closed down a couple years ago). I always felt like I had to be selective about my orders in an effort to get my money's worth, not ordering chicken wings (which even at the sushi place were awesome) when I could order sashimi and the like. I hadn't thought about that place in a while, and am really glad that buffets are out there because for me they evoke fond memories.


    Re: All you can eat buffets?


    I honestly love eating at buffets! I agree with you, you can try a little bit of everything and that is the best part. I love food, and whenever I go to buffets I like to try as many different types of food as I can! I try not to go too often because most buffets are not healthy, but I love when the buffet has dimsum

    Re: All you can eat buffets?

    I haven't been to one in a while, but I used to go more often when I was a kid. Luckily, kids are cheaper than adults! Now whenever I rarely go, I also go to try new foods or old favorites. I do not eat food there that my mom can easily make at home (like salads) so I feel that I am more likely to get my money's worth with food I can't get at home.

    And then of course I eat WAY too much!!

    Happy eating!

    Re: All you can eat buffets?

    Hi, I love love love all you can eat buffets! My favorite is the Golden Corral; where you can eat almost anything you can think of - steak, chicken strips, french fries, pizza, ice cream you name it. I also love pizza buffets. Guess what, now I am hungry.

    - W

    Re: All you can eat buffets?

    Good evening,
    I agree it's fun to have so many choices, but I never feel I got my money's worth. Also unless it's a more upscale buffet, I've watched what people do...and let their kids do unsupervised. Yuck...I have a Golden Corral up the street from and did find out years ago I can get a carry-out. Well for the 11.99 or so price of an all you can it, it's almost 5.95 per pound so. Put a couple pieces of steak or meatloaf in the container and you almost bought the price of dining in. Have a great weekend.