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    Would You Rather...

    created by Sunshine Song 284 days 1 hour 19 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Would You Rather...

    Would you rather be famous when you are alive, forgotten when you die?
    or unknown when you are alive, famous after you die?

    Even though I would love the fame for myself when I am alive, I think I would be able to contribute much more if I was unknown when I was alive and famous after I die. If I had something so magnificent to share with the world, I would share regardless of fame and I am sure I would reach many people, even if I did not get famous in my lifetime.

    Seeing credit for my discoveries and contribution and being recognized for it while I am alive does sound nice. Some people get the best of both worlds!



    Re: Would You Rather...

    Hey Song!

    Truth be told, fame scares me. Being known by the world and having no privacy isn't appealing to me.

    My boyfriend and I went to Disney World and I remember thinking that no one famous could ever casually walk through here. They would get stopped every 5 feet for a photo with a doting fan. You would never have any peace!

    Because of this, I would prefer to be famous after I die. Especially if I had something valuable to share with the world like you said!

    Thanks for the unique question!


    Re: Would You Rather...

    Hi Song,

    I think I'd prefer fame after death. Obviously I'd love to be famous while I'm alive, but I think I want fame for the wrong reasons. For example, the money, the recognition, being well liked by many. I think those are kind of selfish of me to want in the degree fame brings. Obviously I have a desire to help others and do good, but I think it's only human to want some of the earnings for myself. I think if I accomplish something noteworthy, those who come after me should benefit (like children, grandchildren, or funds or charities set up in my memory) rather than me benefiting. I just think I'd use the earnings in a bad and selfish way. I don't think I'm a greedy person, don't get me wrong! But I just believe my life is fine as it is and wouldn't want fame to change me. So, I trust that once I die people will know my passions and values, and thus my legacy would be a good one.

    This was really interesting to think about, especially because like I said I totally would love to be famous right now!

    Re: Would You Rather...

    Unknown when alive, famous when dead. I think my reasons are very similar to the other responses.

    I would like to point out that everyone who became famous after they passed still did amazing work when they were alive. Someone, somewhere recognized their hard work and brilliance while they were alive. I'd totally be okay with that.


    Re: Would You Rather...

    I agree with everyone else, fame after death.

    Because fame while alive can be a double edged sword, and can often lead to unhappiness, I would rather live a quiet life and accomplish great things and be remembered later on.

    At the same time, fame during life can lead to a number of good things; many actors and spokesmen and women use their fame and fortune to do a lot of good in the present moment. There are pros and cons to each one, however it seems to me the effects of whatever you did to be famous after your dead, would benefit people for generations, rather than just the current generation.