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    Have you broken your New Years Resolutions?

    created by Scervantes3 338 days 4 hours 49 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Have you broken your New Years Resolutions?

    Hi CNET,

    I know it’s only a couple weeks in, but usually by now the goals I had for myself have been forgotten.

    This time is a bit different and I’m very proud of myself so far. I have made a lifestyle change for a healthier me and a healthier baby #3. I have been making healthy food choices and have been exercising and I have lost 7 lbs since the 1st. I am gradually making changes and it is working. I’m really happy with my results.

    What about you? Are you sticking to the goals you have made?

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Have you broken your New Years Resolutions?


    Lol I broke my resolutions at 12:05 am hahah... I promised myself that I wouldn’t eat a lot of sweets anymore such as candy, cookies, and cake. And also that I would stop drinking so much soda. Then I opened the refrigerator and there was the last piece of chocolate cake and a few Dr. Peppers. Guess what I did. I ate the entire piece of cake and drank a bottle full of Dr. pepper. So embarrassing lol. But I just couldn’t help myself. But I haven’t had any sweets since then because I felt so bad that I couldn’t resist it.

    Have a nice day!

    Re: Have you broken your New Years Resolutions?


    I didn't really make a resolution this year. But I am trying to commit myself to be a more understanding and healthier individual. I have been going to the gym for frequently and have been trying to be conscious of those around me. So far so good. I may have had some slip ups here and there but I am proud of my progress so far. Best of luck maintaining your goals and resolution for this year!! Have a great day!


    Re: Have you broken your New Years Resolutions?

    Hey! I didn’t create a New Years resolution this year. I guess I’m just too busy looking for a new job.
    - Ruby

    Re: Have you broken your New Years Resolutions?

    My only resolution is writing a daily blog. So far so good but I have 350 days to go!