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    How Do You Show Appreciation?

    created by mkwilliams1117 333 days 11 hours 40 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    How Do You Show Appreciation?

    Good Morning Everyone! Happy Sunday :)

    How do you show someone appreciation?

    My husband has been even more awesome than usual the past few weeks and has stepped up in many ways for our family. To show him that I appreciate him, I made him heart shaped pancakes for breakfast yesterday. This was a simple gesture, but he loved it.

    What do you (or have you done recently) to show appreciation to people who you are thankful for?

    Thanks for reading!

    Re: How Do You Show Appreciation?


    I went through a rough patch due to a physical injury for the past few months. My partner has been there for me all the way, supporting me and holding my hand. I am now feeling a lot better and I am cooking a lot more for him to thank him for helping me out. He loves fresh home cooked meals and while I'm often too busy to cook, I am making an extra effort to do so.


    Re: How Do You Show Appreciation?

    Hi Megan!

    How cute! Heart shaped pancakes is a great idea. That is awesome that you notice your husband change and is showing him you appreciate him.

    I have to remind myself to do that from time to time because sometimes I feel I take my awesome family for granted. I’m truly blessed to have them and I will show them by making them a nice dinner or buying them their favorite snack when I’m out shopping. Small but they appreciate it.

    Have a great day!


    Re: How Do You Show Appreciation?

    Hi Megan,

    Most often I will do a lot of cooking-something that is their favorite. Sometimes I will buy a gift or help them with something they may need done. It depends on the person and the things they like and try to show my appreciation based on that. We've helped a few family members over the years and it was not appreciated. It's not a good feeling being taken advantage of or being taken for granted. Words can also go a long way to show someone they are appreciated.

    Re: How Do You Show Appreciation?

    Hey Megan,

    Over the years I have noticed that everyone has a different love language and with that being said I usually cater to their love language. Some people like receiving gifts, some just like expression of emotion, it’s different for everyone. When it comes to showing my appreciation to my boyfriend his love language is small expression or small acts of love, so I will usually make him dinner after a long day, or get up before him and make him breakfast. I’ll tell him verbally how much I appreciate him and all of that. It really caters to his desires and mentality of being appreciated! You should look up love language quiz to find out how you like to be appreciated or how others like to! It’s pretty cool to know for future reference.

    Aushenae Matthews

    Re: How Do You Show Appreciation?

    I really love this post.
    Appreciation is becoming a rare act of kindness lately, but I am happy to see others still care to show those they love their heartfelt appreciartion.
    My favorite method is writing Thank you notes. Most people do not expect them, but last year I wrote Thank You letters to all of my favorite educators, and I had more of an outcome than I had expected.
    A few thanked me more than once! And the rest felt as if they hadn't deserved such a delicacy.
    Most of us shame ourselves and do not realize the effects we have on others, even if it is small.
    Notes and the occasional baking or cooking special meals is my go-to!

    Sharing the love,
    - Sarah Jane.

    Re: How Do You Show Appreciation?

    Hi mkwilliams1117,

    I like to show my appreciation by doing an act of kindness for the other person. Not because I want to look good or just because I feel like I should, but because I genuinely want other person to know that they are important and I appreciate them.

    Another way I like to show I appreciate someone is by just telling them I appreciate them. The power of praise goes along way. Being straight with others is the best way to get your message across.