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    Boring moments

    created by mistervancleef 337 days 6 hours 36 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Boring moments

    What do you do to occupy your time when you are bored?

    Any tips?


    Re: Boring moments


    This is what helps me when I bored out of my mind. I read, take a walk, educate myself more on subjects that interest me (using my cell phone). In this day in age, you can never not learn. Maybe you have a hobby and someone else might have a better way to do things a certain way. The more I learn, them more I keep myself preoccupied, the less bored I feel. I hope it helps.


    Re: Boring moments

    It all depends on where i'm at! When i'm bored, i like to read, go for a run and i love playing with my pets! I also like spending my free time volunteering at the animal shelter! If you don't like to do any of those things or you're not a big animal person, i always suggest to people to look for a new hobby! A new hobby could help you with not being bored in your free time and depending on the hobby you choose, you could possibly make some money! I personally have recently taking on the task of teaching myself how to crochet. I have given away hats and scarfs to people in my community that need them, and also donated some to our local free store. I have also made money off of them. I post them online and people as me to make certain colors of them for their friends that are expecting babies.

    Re: Boring moments

    Hi, besides my phone, when I am bored I will play video games, watch a movie or a series, play with my dog, play sports, ride my quad, or hang out with friends to find something to do.

    - W

    Re: Boring moments


    I watch movies and play a game on my phone suduko is great!

    Have a good day!

    Re: Boring moments

    I would probably just go on my electronic device to play games or go on Pinterest and look up stuff that interests me i.e. new recipes, health stuff. Otherwise if I have lots of time and I'm bored I would ask for company from someone to see if they want to hang out, or just watch a show or movie to entertain myself ^^

    Have a good one!

    Re: Boring moments

    Good Morning,

    When I experience boring moments I complete a word search, put a puzzle together, read a book, or resort to my knitting a blanket for my nephew's baby that I have never finished lol. Thanks for the forum and have a fabulous Sunday.


    Re: Boring moments

    Hey Tom,
    I like doing puzzles or word games either on my phone or real ones. I also learned how to cross stitch which just keeps me occupied when I have nothing to do, or when I’m watching a movie or something. Sometimes nothing will cure my boredom so I’ll just go and clean my house. That can keep my busy for hours!


    Re: Boring moments

    I often go to Facebook or do a game on my phone. sometimes I will just go to sleep or watch tv. It depends what I am bored from!

    Re: Boring moments

    Hello Tom!
    If i am bored most likely I will turn to cleaning. Although television is a go-to for most people, I still do not watch barely any throughout my days.
    There is always something to clean or organize, no matter what time of day.
    If not cleaning I will decide to bake cookies or make some buffalo chicken dip for all of my family to enjoy.

    - Sarah Jane. :)