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    What's In Your Fridge Right Now?

    created by Famu 332 days 15 hours 18 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What's In Your Fridge Right Now?

    Hey Cnet Family,

    So, I decided to clean my fridge out this morning and was amazed at all the stuff taking up space. Here goes, milk, tea, orange juice, bacon, sausage, apple juice, bread, butter, yogurt, pizza, eggs, salad dressing, sugar, flour, steamed vegetables, frozen fruit, flax seed powder, grapefruits, and grapes. Looks like I need to go shopping lol. Have a fabulous Saturday.


    Re: What's In Your Fridge Right Now?

    I can always rely on having a somewhat long list of staples every time I need to make some food. Naturally growing foods account for the largest number of items in my fridge. Things like zucchini, squash, broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, lettuce, peas, avocado and tomatoes. Those items are basically always in my fridge. If I have an onion cut up then it stays in my fridge too. These items don't take much space though, the big space taking items are things like milk, some kind of fruit juice that I always have on hand, yogurt, cream cheese, and bottles of something.

    I am always looking for a good beverage and typically at least have juice and one other kind of beverage in my fridge. I really like mixing soda water with juices to make a healthier and less sugary soda. Often I make eggs with a lot of vegetables in it and some cheese for breakfast. Sometimes a bagel and cream cheese or on special days I make crepes. Aside from the vegetables and the yogurt I often have fruit and meat in the fridge. Some kind of sandwich meat for lunches and a variety of fruit for smoothies and to mix in yogurt. I love the naturally growing foods but there are still some necessities that take up space.

    Hope you have a good weekend

    Re: What's In Your Fridge Right Now?

    Good morning,

    Doesn’t it feel so nice to have a nice clean refrigerator. Mine is a mess right now. I need to clean out my refrigerator, too. Then go shopping

    Besides condiments, I have antipasto salad, milk, juice, eggs, turkey bacon, fish, Clamato, red apple beer, butter, cheese, wheat tortillas, cucumbers, oranges, and lettuce..

    Have a great day!


    Re: What's In Your Fridge Right Now?


    I have so many condiments in my fridge. It looks full of food but actually there's nothing to eat because it's all different ketchups, mustards and dressings. I like to cook so there's lots of cooking supplies too- they take up lots of room and aren't actually edible unless I'm cooking something for them. I have a tiny fridge so it doesn't help to have all these condiments and cooking supplies but I use them pretty often when I do have actual food so I guess they're worth having.

    Once a week I get a grocery delivery and my fridge has actual food for a day or two. Then it's back to an empty-full fridge!


    Re: What's In Your Fridge Right Now?

    Good Afternoon!

    I need to clean out my fridge SO bad! The fridge door is completely full with condiments, broths, and sauces. I eat a lot of leafy greens, so I have 2 jumbo containers on the bottom shelf, along with my Brita pitcher, almond milk, apple juice, and beer. I also have tons of veggies in my fridge at the moment: red & green cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, celery, zucchini, cucumbers, Brussels, broccoli, and bell peppers. There is also eggs, bacon, cheese, corn tortillas, chocolate, and leftover garbanzo and black beans. I also have ground beef in there defrosting for tonight's dinner.

    This was a fun forum!

    Re: What's In Your Fridge Right Now?

    Hey all,

    Fun question and one I had to get from the computer to check on the answer, lol !

    Besides condiments there are lots of veggies, ground beef, yogurt, milk, juice, dip, bread, lunchmeat, cheese, bottles of water, lemonade, chocolate, eggs, and butter, and leftovers.

    Have a great day,