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    Does hair give you power?

    created by bluebella 335 days 2 hours 56 minutes ago

    Category: Politics

    Does hair give you power?

    All of my bosses have a full set of hair, and several people working on the floor are bald! I'm sure this is just a coincidence, but do you find wearing your hair a certain way gives you more self-confidence or power?

    For women, often cutting their hair short gives them a sense of confidence. I'm not sure the psychology behind it, but what do you think?


    Re: Does hair give you power?

    Hi Bella,

    I think our hair is just one small way that we identify with ourselves. Some men pride themselves with thick, lush hair while others love to shave it off and keep it short. My husband could grow amazing hair. He doesn't like how he looks with it, so he keeps his head shaved super short, but is still very successful in his career.

    For me, I have had long hair (usually almost to my lower back) since I can remember. I am really bad about going to get it cut, so I let it grow until it becomes annoying. During my last haircut I asked my stylist to cut off a lot because I really wanted a change. I decided that as I'm nearing my 30's, I didn't need to have the same hair style I had when I was a teenager. My stylist chopped off 10 inches and I was SO happy with the results. I was able to donate my hair which felt great, but my new cut left me with a new feeling of confidence. I felt so sassy and fresh with my new hair and was ready to conquer the world.

    I think the confidence just comes from feeling our best. We may neglect our hair or we may not change our hair often, but changing the style from time to time can make us feel good. Almost like we are a new person.


    Re: Does hair give you power?

    Heck Yah !

    My hair is beautiful and curly and thick. I love my hair and how it makes me look and feel. I take pride in doing my hair. Hair is a big part of my life. It is just as important as my skin. I keep it neat and clean.When my hair.lools good I know that people will look. My hair is unique and I love to show it off.

    - Animal Lover

    Re: Does hair give you power?

    Hi, I think it boils down to how you "think" about yourself. Statistic wise I think most men and women are afraid of going bald and see it as a negative stigma against them; but then you take others like Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel who wear it well and proudly so it becomes a big part of their looks and manhood. For most I do believe hair gives you power, but also it depends on your job and status in life. A man wearing a power suit can be uplifted and courageous, but put him in a plumber suit and he wouldn't have a clue.

    - W

    Re: Does hair give you power?

    LOL! That is the most random observation/coincidence I've ever heard of XD

    I definitely don't think hair gives you power in the sense that if you don't have hair you have no power lmao, since my boss is actually pretty bald (many bald spots) and he's still a boss and has been for the longest time.
    I think hair does boost a person's confidence though. I feel more confident in myself on my good hair days, on days when I know I have luscious flowing hair or nice smelling hair I would feel that much more confident in myself. I think it may have to do with the fact that I'm more presentable to others and more comfortable with myself, thus I can focus on doing things without so much being self-conscious because of my hair/looks.
    I don't think the length of the hair necessarily translates to different levels of power, but I think that as long as you keep it at a length that makes you feel good and look good then you have an automatic confidence boost.
    I think different hairstyles also make you feel different as well. On my work days I would have my hair tied up in a tall bun so I can look neat, tidy, and more workstyle-like, and I also feel more inclined to be more work-minded as well (I know it's not a word but I hope you know what I mean lol). On days when I just want to chill and laze around, I would put my hair in a messy bun or just let it down and push it to the side. I think your confidence or energy level can be shown through the way you maintain your hair, and dressing the part also makes you act the part on some levels.

    Interesting observation you got there though lmao! Have a good one!

    Re: Does hair give you power?

    Hey Bluebella,

    I would have to say that hair can be empowering, but it depends on the woman/man. Everyone is different. For me my hair is the first thing a lot of people notice and compliment me on when I wear it down. I have really big and curly hair that makes me stand out in a crowd, so often times I feel very empowered by it. I also use this attention my hair brings as a platform to inspire others to be natural and I am always open to informing others of tips and tricks to having healthy natural hair. I also notice that when I wear it in a big messy bun it seems to stand out as well and I get a lot of compliments. It really depends on where I am at. Sometimes my hair brings too much attention it almost gives me anxiety having to deal with it. Love and hate relationship for sure.


    Re: Does hair give you power?

    I believe hair does give you power!
    Especially since I was born with a full head of curls.
    I used to hate my naturally curly hair and would straighten it every day and damage it.
    Until I learned to stop, each year my hair granted me more and more confidence within myself and my outer appearance.
    My curls now empower me because I truly take pride and honor to have such beautiful hair.
    Lots of African American girls with curls feel the same way!
    Curls are empowering.

    Re: Does hair give you power?

    Hey Bella! I actually cut my hair completely off last month and I honestly do feel super beautiful and happy. I got tired of doing my hair and I felt like I always had to be the one to prove that curly hair DOES grow. Black people and even other races believe that thick, kinky hair doesn’t grow and since I had mine long I felt as if I couldn’t cut it; I have to keep proving everyone wrong. But I realized if you’re ignorant, you’re just ignorant. I have to do what makes me happy.
    - Ruby

    Re: Does hair give you power?

    Hey bella,

    I just started a new job and the CEO of the company is completely bald, but he's been incredibly successful. I don't think success and power has anything to do with your hairstyle, but more your actions. it is important to be well groomed and well dressed to be successful, because that reflects what type of work you do and is also a reflection of the company. This doesn't mean you have to have perfect hair and clothes, but just carry yourself well and dress professionally. All achievable on a low budget!


    Re: Does hair give you power?

    I'm going against the grain- my hair gives me problems!! It's in between straight and wavy, it's thick, sometimes dry, and big. Idk how to style and I'm too lazy to straighten or curl it. I keep growing it out hoping it will start looking good.

    I don't think my hair gives me self confidence, because I don't care enough. Is that bad?


    Re: Does hair give you power?

    That's an interesting question Bella!

    I have found that as long as I like the way my hair looks, I feel confident. On bad hair days I feel frumpy and less "with it".

    I have had very short hair and long. I am in the process of growing it out after having cut it super short last year. I am getting compliments on my current style so I think I might stick with this length and style. It is easy to manage, it is professional yet feminine, and it seems to work for everyone!

    Re: Does hair give you power?

    I think your hair can help you but it has to match the situation. I was in a band once where our manager told us we all had to get our hair cut from the same person. At the time, I did not get it but eventually, I figured it out. When people see your group for the first time they form an impression based on what they see. If you look at cover of Meet the Beatles, they all have the same haircut. If you go to a bar to hear a band and expect to hear the Sex Pistols and you see a bunch of Donald-Trump-Jr. haircuts, what will you think? I know what I'd think but won't repeat it in polite company. Can you say wankers in polite company?

    But if on the other hand, you're working as a manager for a large company, you want a haircut like that. It's part of the uniform. No matter the job, you need to look the part. If you were the weather reporter for the local TV station and tried to go on camera with messy hair, they would not let you. Where I work, I could probably show up with the peace symbol shaved into the side of my head and no one would comment. But then, if I tried to play a wedding reception with the same hairdo they'd make me wear a hat. So before doing anything unusual to your hair think of all the places you may need to go in the next month or so.

    Re: Does hair give you power?

    Hi Bella!

    I definitely feel more confident when I think my hair looks good. I prefer to have my hair long, because it's curly and looks terrible short. Due to a mishap this summer, my hair was cut above my collarbones and I cried for a few days about it. I lost a lot of confidence because my hair really did look like a disaster. I felt embarrassed to go out in public and even be around some family members. Thankfully my hair grew out to a better length when I went back to school, and now it's getting a lot closer to the length it was before I cut it. But I do feel a difference when my hair is clean and nice verses when it's a day or two after my last hair wash and my hair looks sadder.

    Have a great day!