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    What do you like most about being a student?

    created by mkwilliams1117 335 days 5 hours 41 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    What do you like most about being a student?

    Good Morning Everyone,

    What do you like most about being a student?

    In my undergrad, what I enjoyed most was completing classes and getting closer to achieving my degree. I also loved the friends that I met who were working towards the same goals.

    As a graduate student, I loved learning new things that I could apply to work and to my life. I also enjoyed that the material I was learning in school made me more well rounded about different people's roles in my organization.

    I look forward to learning what you love about being a student!

    Re: What do you like most about being a student?

    Hi Megan,

    I am at a stage where the remainder of my classes can be taken online, so I don't experience the same social aspect as many students on campus. Although, returning to school later in life, I'm not as interested in the social aspect, just trying to get my degree as quick as possible while taking care of the house and kids. What I do love is all of the new things that I am learning and being able to choose classes that fit my interests. One benefit to not having finished college out of high school is if I had, I likely would have chosen a major I would not have enjoyed as much later in life. My interests have evolved so much over the years and it is nice to be able to focus on learning information and skills that I can use in a job that I know I will love.

    Re: What do you like most about being a student?

    The thing I love most about being a student is I’m constantly learning. Everyday it’s something new whether it’s academic or social I always go to sleep at night know more and more information.

    Re: What do you like most about being a student?


    I think I like to learn about different perspectives on life. I have my own beliefs and learning/teaching styles. But being a student allows me to learn about the opinions and values of others and those that teach the courses. I can then determine how I feel about a certain perspective and if I agree or disagree with it. I always try to consider and respect others but also sometimes my feelings override those standing points. I have learned that there is always something new to learn even when you aren't seeking new information.



    Re: What do you like most about being a student?

    Hi there

    I think what I enjoy most about being a student is learning. I learn new things everyday, my knowledge has grown exponentially since I first started college. I love engaging in intellectual conversation and have actually factual inputs. It makes me feel smart and understood.

    Have a great day


    Re: What do you like most about being a student?

    Hey Megan,

    Aside from the awesome, curious learning environment, I really liked the diversity that surrounded me in school. There were people from all over the world at my school which made people watching that much more fun.

    What was always remarkable to me, was all the different fashion ideas represented. In my hometown, it seemed like there wasn't that much fun going into people's wardrobes, but in college it's typical for students to be hyper aware of how they look and present themselves. And some kids put a lot of work into their get-up.

    It was really cool to see national and international styles represented in one place!


    Re: What do you like most about being a student?

    Hi Megan!
    One thing I LOVE about being a student, is getting things done!
    Although its a major "pain" to compose an essay, or complete an assignment as a student, who could disagree that the feeling after is amazing?
    Currently I have an essay to write and 3 other tests to study for. From experience I know that completing those things to the best of my ability will only benefit me now, and as a future college student!

    I love being a student to expand my knowledge, and to feel accomplished along the way. The worst thing a student could do is procrastinate, which I see way too often. Choosing not to procrastinate, being a student has its benefits as you complete each task!

    A happy student,
    - Sarah Jane

    Re: What do you like most about being a student?

    Hey Megan!

    When I was in tech school, my favorite thing was that everything seemed to finally make sense for me. I was studying animal anatomy and practicing technician skills. I actually enjoyed school because I was studying topics that truly interested me!

    I believe that is what is most important, finding a degree that is best suited to your dreams. Seems like you’re on the right path as well!


    Re: What do you like most about being a student?

    Hello Megan,

    I am in my third year of undergrad and I can honestly say my favorite thing about being a student is ultimately learning so much about myself in the process. I love seeing how well I work under pressure when a due date approaches, I love watching the light bulb go off in my head when I can draw a relation of my schoolwork to my personal life, I love pushing myself to do better each and every day in and outside of the classroom. I have really gotten to know myself during my time in college and it has made me confident in my passions and interests even more.

    - Annalycia

    Re: What do you like most about being a student?

    My favorite thing about being an undergraduate student was all the people I got to meet that shared my passion for psychology. I absolutely loved having intellectual conversations everyday about a whole range of topics under the psychology umbrella. Having those connections and conversations really increased the amount and speed at which I absorbed information. It was so much fun, I loved every minute of it and wish i could go back in time and relive it all over again. I do plan to go to graduate school, I feel like i was meant to stay in the realm of academia.