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    What is your exercise regime?

    created by Wames 335 days 17 hours 27 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    What is your exercise regime?

    Hi CNET:

    What is everyone's exercise regime? Do you have a program that you follow, a video, a gym membership, a trainer, or all do it yourself? Also, are you a laid back or extreme overachiever? I am recovering from ACL surgery and just now getting back to building up my endurance, which is pretty lousy right now. My brother works extensively to build up his strength and endurance, but he lives far away from me now or I would train with him.

    - W

    Re: What is your exercise regime?

    Hey Wames,
    I exercise by myself and I love it! When you have a gym partner that isn't as dedicated as you it can get pretty annoying and you are likely to lose your focus. I usually work out 4 times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and I pick a day to go on the weekend. I usually make Monday leg day, Wednesday is all upper body, Friday is for abs and agility, and on the weekend is usually cardio! On those days I have a workout app that I have downloaded, you should look those up, plenty of options. I also know a lot of workouts just from being a gym rat, so that is always beneficial. It does take a lot of discipline and patience to get the results you want and I hope you have some success. I also use youtube for different workouts, that is always very helpful.

    I hope this helps,
    Aushenae M.

    Re: What is your exercise regime?

    Hey Wames!

    I don't really have a regiment I follow. I kind of just go to the gym and think, "ok is it leg day or upper body day?" From there, I just do machines and weights that I know will work out my upper body or legs lol. I think the closest thing I have to a regiment is doing cardio first then lifting weights. Other than that, my workouts aren't very structured.

    - Kyle

    Re: What is your exercise regime?

    Hey Wames,
    I used to be an avid lifter and wouldn't consider it a good workout unless I spent at least 2 hours at the gym each day. Fast forward to having two young children and a hectic schedule, I absolutely do not have that kind of time to spend at a gym, nor do I want to be away from my kids any longer each day than I already have to.

    I have free weights in my basement and a treaclimber. I also stream workouts from Beachbody on Demand that I absolutely love. I will follow a program for a while and then once I get bored with it, I switch to a new routine. It helps keep it fresh and keeps me motivated. I also feel so much stronger than I did when I was lifting all of those years because these workouts really focus on functionality and body weight.

    I'm also pretty obsessed with having muscular arms, so I do push ups every night before bed :)

    Best of luck on your recovery!


    Re: What is your exercise regime?

    Hi Wames!
    I go to the gym each day after school. I follow the basic leg day/ arm day / back day, etc. regimen for my workouts.
    Although it could get boring, in-between 30 minutes of reps I go stretch and practice gymnastics and my yoga skills, to incorporate other activities in my schedule.
    I used to do at-home workouts, and if anyone is wondering, HIIT workouts are the best to build both endurance and strength! I suggest Millionaire Hoy on Youtube. His workouts are so easy to follow along with. He is what helped me build my initial strength before I took on benching at the gym I attend now!

    Hope it helps!
    -Sarah Jane

    Re: What is your exercise regime?

    Good evening Wames!
    Great to hear from you again!

    I personally have started to dedicate myself more to my previous workout routine. I took a break after golf season but, have started up again. I am very endurance savvy so I love running around my neighborhood. Unlike gyms, I get an amazing view the whole time run, what more to ask?! I do have a gym membership through my school club to the YMCA but I don't use it much, I love working out on my own without any eyes on me. I focus most on arms, legs, and abs which are most important for helping me in golf.

    I hope your ACL heals up soon so you can get swole soon haha. Have an amazing day!