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    created by Sunshine Song 333 days 8 hours 16 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment


    What is the way that networking occurs to you?
    Do you like networking or even find it fun? Or do you find it stressful or annoying?
    Has networking been stressed in school for you as much as it has for me?


    Networking seems like such a scary big term. In reality, it does not have to be so scary at all. Once you tell people that you are a student, there is this magical grace that people give to you simply because you are a student.

    I had a fantastic networking opportunity last night that I stumbled upon it by accident. I was at an evening event with lots of people and at one point I went up on stage and shared with people what I wanted to get out of 2018. I shared on stage about wanting to bond with my family and spend more time with them.

    Afterwards, this woman came up to me and said she really loved What I shared with everyone. She commented on my purple hair, saying that she works at the University of Washington and that’s our school color. I told her I’d go to the University of Washington as well! We chatted about her role at UW and I chatted about wanting to go into industrial organizational psychology. I also told her I’m looking for internships for the Summer, ideally as an HR assistant.

    She said that UW is shifting around their HR department, as they are updating their computer systems and such. She said she would put in a good word for me and reach out to people if she hears of any opportunity. She also connected me to another person at the event that is getting his Master’s in organizational psychology!

    Fortunately, he was able to catch me briefly before I left and he wants to stay in contact. I told him we have so much to talk about and then give him my card. After that experience, I know for sure that networking doesn’t have to be fake or difficult. All it is is connecting with people and sharing with other people.




    Re: Networking

    I love networking, I just love meeting new people an establishing new friendships! It used to scare me but now i have gained a lot more confidence and it doesn't bother me anymore. When I go to psychology conferences, I am networking all the time because I am super passionate about psychology and want to talk to anyone and everyone that shares that passion. It doesn't even feel like "networking", I'm just hanging out with people having intellectual conversations and establishing a professional connection in the meantime. Because at the end of the day, its all about who you know.

    Re: Networking

    Hi Song Mei,

    Networking, is a big and scary term that gets a bad rep in my opinion. I listened to a BIggerPockets podcast, and the man being interviewed was a sucessful real estate investor and he said that he didn't like the term. He preferred to call it "MAKING FRIENDS". LOL. I agree with him, the word "networking" itself gives off a very self interested connotation. I agree with the man, I think that it should be more about making friends with shared interest lol.

    -Riley G. O'Brien

    Re: Networking

    I hate networking, but I love making friends... both are hard and can be awkward at first.

    I went to a networking event held by my school with different alumni in NYC. It was extremely awkward. It basically felt like the school lured these professionals into one room with wine and snacks, and then unleashed the students into the room after removing the wine. A woman gave all the students a pep talk of do's and don'ts of networking - which was great, but the way the event was set up made it become a stifled environment of sorts.

    Now that I'm out of school, the pool of people I have access to is much smaller. It's less stressful, and I honestly just ask different people to a casual lunch. Talking and listening to people is the start, and then, like you said, it can become an acquaintance or friendship based off of that seed. It's great to really get to know some of my coworkers and feel less scared about getting to know new people. It's always going to be kind of awkward at first, but once you get past that it's definitely worth it.


    Re: Networking

    Hey Song,

    I actually had a boss tell me one time "if you're not networking, you're not working." Networking is super important because without other people, we can't be successful. It's great to meet people who have a specific skill or trade that is useful to you. Sometimes, you meet someone and a year or so later you realize you could contact them for a project.

    I think sometimes people put too much of an emphasis on formalized networking events. I think the more comfortable and in your element you are somewhere, the easier it is to connect with people. For example, I do a lot of markets and events with my business. I'm in my element and selling my products. I connect really well with people there, and I get a lot out of networking at these events. However, I don't enjoy formalized networking events anymore. I don't like dressing up and giving a 30 second overview of me and my business. I don't find it as effective, and I don't find it as truthful. I've had more success working with people I meet while I'm working that I have working with people I've met at formal events. I find if you can meet someone working authentically and your paths collide, that's the best way to form relationships.

    I like how a lot of the above comments compare networking to making friends. Making friends is a great way to look at it. You want to work with people you like, not people you don't like. If you make some friends and you can work together in the future, that's networking at it's finest!

    Thanks for a great post!