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    Are you going anywhere this summer?

    created by NjBr 339 days 13 hours 20 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Are you going anywhere this summer?

    Good Morning!

    I know it’s still too early for summer, but have you guys made any plans yet? Are you all going anywhere? If you are traveling, where are you going?

    Have a lovely day!

    Re: Are you going anywhere this summer?


    I've barely planned my month! Summer seems a long way off. I hope to travel this summer to Ibiza, Spain. It has been on my bucket list for the longest time and I really want to experience it before I settle down.


    Re: Are you going anywhere this summer?


    I don't have any plans for this summer yet. I most likely will not be going anywhere. I am saving up for a wedding and house, so I don't think that I will have the extra funds to travel unfortunately. However, this Spring I am going to Boston for a weekend trip for my friend's Bachelor party. It should be a fun weekend.



    Re: Are you going anywhere this summer?


    My family is not taking a vacation this summer. I am going to Summer in the Son (high school youth retreat) for a week, then I will be working until time to move into the dorm.

    I am going with my dad to New York City during spring break, though. I can't wait. I have never been there and there are so many of the touristy places that I want to see. Plus I really have to make sure I absorb all the fun since we will probably not be taking a vacation again until college is over to save money.


    Re: Are you going anywhere this summer?

    Hi njbr,

    So for the summer I want to visit my family in Jamaica. My niece will be graduating from high school and I haven't seen her in a while so I want to surprise her on the day. I just hope I will be able to afford the ticket for going home. Lol.


    Re: Are you going anywhere this summer?

    I have two major trips planned this year!

    First I am going to Europe. Amsterdam and France. I can not wait to explore!

    After Europe I return home to Idaho for a few months and then headed to NYC!

    I feel so blessed and think this year is going to be the best one yet!!

    Are you going anywhere? Any trips planned?

    Re: Are you going anywhere this summer?

    Yes, I am going somewhere this summer! Thanks for asking a great question, it makes me happy this Friday morning! I am planning a beach trip to Ocean City with my boyfriend. It will be both a birthday present, graduation present, and birthday present all in one!
    I'm excited to spend my birthday (7/11) on the beach, relaxing! I plan to ride the OC Rocket, Parasail, and tan for hours and hours.
    I believe everyone should look forward to a vacation or some sort of relaxing time after stress from school & work.
    It's a great treat to give yourself!

    -Sarah Jane :)

    Re: Are you going anywhere this summer?


    I'm not planning on going anywhere this summer because I will be working all the time. But, this upcoming March I'm going to Florida and Nicaragua, so I'm really excited for that!

    Have a good day!

    Re: Are you going anywhere this summer?

    I am currently in the process of planning a trip to Disney this summer! My friends and I are planning to go instead of a traditional senior week. It would be such a fun way to end our high school careers :)
    Have a good summer!

    Re: Are you going anywhere this summer?

    Good afternoon,

    I won't be taking a vacation until I'm done with school maybe summer 2019! Blah...

    Have a great day,

    Re: Are you going anywhere this summer?

    I'm most likely not traveling this summer, but we'll definitely plan something out to do for fun! The majority of my plan is to go to work though, if I can even get any hours at all! That's another thing on my list is probably to find another side job because the one I'm working is low on budget and won't give me enough hours!
    In terms of travelling though, I don't have anything planned sadly T.T

    Have a good one!