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    Do You Drink Tap Water?

    created by Unique_girl17 337 days 9 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do You Drink Tap Water?

    Hi Collegenet,

    Hope you all are having a great day today :)

    I never understood why a lot's of people are disgusted my tap water but I don't think there's anything wrong with drinking it.

    What do you think about tap water?

    Do you drink it or is it disgusting too you?

    Thanks for reading my forum and have a great day :)

    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?


    I drink tap water all the time. I slmost never drink plain bottled water. It just seems silly to me!

    That being said, I live in the San Francisco Bay area, and our tap water is some of the best!

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?


    Allow I do prefer drinking filtered or bottled water, I will still drink tap water from time to time if necessary. When I am thirsty, I am thirsty, so I am not going to get picky about what I drink. When I lived on a farm, if I was too far from the house and I was thirsty, I'd just pick up a hose and drink from there. So, allow I do have preference, I am okay with tap water.

    Have a nice day :)


    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?


    Tap water is so convenient, I don't see why anyone wouldn't incorporate into their everyday lifestyle.

    Plus, it cuts down on waste. You don't need to use plastic water bottles. You also don't have to carry home a big container or package of water from the store!

    I don't see what all the fuss is about against it.


    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

    Hello ,

    I dislike the taste of tap water . It has this distinct mineral taste. I only use it to make tea because boiling helps purify it. I usually drink bottled water.

    - Animal Lover

    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

    Tap water has a weird taste to me so I usually drink bottled water like poland spring. Tap water is honestly my lastttttt resort.
    - Ruby

    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

    Hi Unique,

    I do not drink tap water because I too don't like the taste. I prefer bottled water and like Ruby, Poland springs is my go to brand.


    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?


    I do drink tap water. I didn't understand that at first either. But I have seen rust come out of my faucet in college and it grossed me out. Now I still drink tap water, but I'm more cautious of the taste, and east lansing water does not taste good.

    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

    Water is water. I drink all kinds it doesn’t matter if it’s tap water or smart water. There are people in the world wishing they had clean water and people complain about drinking tap water. I say whatever fits your needs but for me I’m all tap. Plus it’s free rather than going to the store wasting theee bucks on it.

    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

    I came from a place where the water source that distributes into the tap water isn't the cleanest, so I just get into the habit of avoiding tap water altogether. I'm not completely disgusted of tap water though since I don't know much about it, but I still prefer to boil my own water and put it in a bottle or bring bottled water with me wherever I go. But if necessary then I would drink from tap water no problem; it doesn't taste different to me but I just want to be on the safe side, since I grew up in Vietnam and drinking from tap water is definitely not a thing.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!

    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

    I actually drink both tap water and filtered water. The only reason I drink a lot of filtered water is because we have a purina pitcher at home but if filtered water isn’t offered it doesn’t matter to me!

    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

    Hey Unique,

    I do drink tap water. I am trying to cut back on my plastic consumption this year so I'm drinking more tap water now than I did before. I never understood why people didn't drink it, until this year when I visited Portland, OR.

    Apparently, right now Portland is the one of the only municipalities in our country that regulates against fluoride in our water supply. I am no expert, and I have no idea what levels of fluoride are present in tap water, but fluoride has been linked to several negative health effects. I've shared a link for reference.

    I still drink tap water and will continue to (we pick our poison), but that trip definitely opened my eyes to something that I didn't know before.

    Thanks for the post!


    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

    Hey good morning!

    personally i think it depends on where you live. I'm from Chicago, but I live in Houston. Back home, we were able to drink the tap water with no issues. Its always cold enough to drink & it really tastes good. But here in Houston, there's DEFINITELY got to be a filter on your faucet if you want to drink that tap water. It doesn't taste very well to me, & on top of that its not as clean.

    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

    Hey Unique!

    I was blessed living in NYC and SF because our tap water was highly purified. Back in CT the tap water is disgusting. I bought a zero water filter that purifies the water of total dissolved solids aka lead, prescriptions, road salt, fluoride, pesticides etc. I really want a Berkey, but can't afford the price tag just yet.

    I exclusively drink water so it needs to be a healthy and enjoyable experience for me :) I also try to stay green and avoid disposable water bottles


    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

    Hello Unique,

    Tap water is not an option for me to drink. I always buy bottled spring water to drink. I won't even drink the tap water at school either.


    Jenelu Rose

    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

    I drink tap water all the time, but I do have one of those Pur filtration systems connected to my faucet. It seems overly expensive to keep buying bottled water and then fill up my trash can with empty plastic bottles, but I somewhat don't like the flavor a straight tap water. This is where the filter comes in. It just improves the taste, which satisfies me enough to drink out of the tap. I will admit that when my filter needs to be replaced, I don't rush to replace it either so I am sure I drink straight tap water all the time when my filter is no longer doing its job. I do think some people have gotten so used to drinking bottled water that they have themselves convinced that tap water has all these impurities which in turn can make them not like the taste.

    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

    Hello Unique!

    It depends on where I am and what I'm using the water for. Back in my hometown there used to be a problem with arsenic in the water so no one could drink the tap water. The problem was fixed but we're all still weary about it. We only use tap water when we're going to build it. Here in San Luis Obispo, the county actually has a higher grade tap water than water in stores so I feel fine drinking it here though I most likely will just drink it from my Brita cause I'm used to filling up the filter.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

    Hey Unique,

    I completely and utterly agree! I see drinking tap water, at least the one at my house, as just the same as drinking from a filter. I've never noticed a difference in taste (except for when we first moved here because there was hard water, tastes gross) but now the difference is nonexistent. My parents disagree though and seem to find tap water as a bad tasting water, I don't know how. I believe the area I live in a has a fairly good filtration system so no wonder there's not a difference to me


    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?


    I dislike the taste of tap water personally. Too many chemicals and to me the water never looks clear lol. Thanks for the forum and have a great evening.


    Re: Do You Drink Tap Water?

    Hey there! I drink tap water. But most of the time I drink filtered water. I say usually because our fridge has the built in filter where you can get filtered water on the outside. I drink that water more just because it’s always cold