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    Pet Peeves

    created by Night Owl Omar 287 days 21 hours 36 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Pet Peeves

    Hi Guys!

    What are your pet peeves? How strongly do you get annoyed by the stupid and silly things people do?

    The strongest pet peeve I can think of is when people change lanes (especially quickly) without using their blinker. This seems like such an easy and basic thing to do, and it really helps other drivers. Driving is such an everyday activity, but it can also be really dangerous if people mess up. I feel like using your turn signal allows drivers to plan ahead, make room for you, and makes driving in general much safer.

    Another pet peeve, towards myself, is when people use an English word that I don't know the meaning of. I feel like as a native English speaker, I should know basically all the English words that people use in every day conversations. Of course I don't expect to know all the technical biology and chemistry words. the example of this is when my dad and I were talking one day, he said "I'm just being facetious". It was a word I had never heard before, and not knowing it bothered me for the rest of the day.

    Finally, another driving related pet peeve is when people take forever to go at a green light. You know, when the light turns green, and you're the fifth car back, and you don't get through the light because some idiot wasn't paying attention. I feel like honking is rude, because it's only going to be a second longer till they notice, but at some lights a second can be the difference between making the light or not.

    I'm sure you all have some pet peeves. What are they, and how annoying are they?

    ↢ Night Owl Omar ↣

    Re: Pet Peeves


    My pet peeve is definitely people who feel like they always have to one-up me, especially when they have no comparable experience. For example, I told a guest about a traumatic childhood experience I had as a teenager that involved running away from home and being homeless for a while, and her response was: "when I was a teenager, I dyed my hair blue." I understand that she was trying to relate to me but it is my certainly my ultimate pet peeve when someone tries to relate with a non-comparable experience.


    Re: Pet Peeves

    Hey there,
    My pet peeve is people who constantly complain or have a negative mentality. It seriously drives me nuts and I completely shut down in conversations if that's all the person wants to talk about. I understand that there are tough situations in life but not everything sucks and not everything is bad all of the time!


    Re: Pet Peeves

    Hi Night Owl Omar,

    I have some of the same pet peeves you have! My biggest pet peeves though has to be when people are talking to me, they are talking to someone else at the same time and they do not even look at me. So annoying!

    Anyways, Happy belated New Year everyone!

    Sincerely, Oliver Abbott

    Re: Pet Peeves

    Hey Omar,

    Just yesterday I was driving behind someone who had no intention of changing lanes but they had left their blinker on for miles and miles on the highway. The only reason they turned it off is because a cop came up behind them.

    Sort of an opposite instance of your pet peeve, distracted driving makes me crazy.

    Another pet peeve is when someone fishes for compliments. If I give a compliment it's genuine, but if I'm kind of forced to say a nice word to someone - then what's the point! Right?


    Re: Pet Peeves

    I have so many pet peeves. I am a bad person for even thinking about how many there are. The most frustrating pet peeve I have is when people walk slow in front of me at school. Like I got places to go! Another I would say is when people interrupt me when I’m talking. Although I am guilty of this, I am getting better. :)