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    How Do You Fare In Cold Weather?

    created by cloudabu42 344 days 18 hours 17 minutes ago

    Category: World

    How Do You Fare In Cold Weather?

    Hey cNet!

    Yesterday our heater went out at the house, and today I had the day off and it was 50 degrees in our house!! It's so cold!! I had to layer like crazy, wearing three pairs of pants, a long sleeve, two sweatshirts and my slippers when I was around the house. I used to live in Michigan where the weather got much colder and I feel like I could tolerate it better, however, since living in Tennessee I find that I am much more sensitive to cold weather!

    How about you? How do you do in the cold?



    Re: How Do You Fare In Cold Weather?

    Hi Abby!
    I personally love the cold. For some reason I am always hot, which is uncomfortable! You can’t cool down easily when you are hot. However, when you are cold, you can easily put on layers (like you did!), sit by a fire, drink hot cocoa, etc to warm up! My dogs on the other hand hate the cold! I just ordered them some doggie snow boots because they stop in the middle of the yard and need to be carried inside when their feet get too cold! I guess their favorite season isn’t winter, like mine. What is every else’s favorite season?

    Re: How Do You Fare In Cold Weather?

    I totally agree with you. I feel like I am becoming an old lady and maybe I should move to Florida. But I might get cold there too, lol.

    Re: How Do You Fare In Cold Weather?

    Hey Abby ,

    It is always sunny in California. The cold we have is nothing compared to the east coast. It has only just got cold in December. I still enjoy it because I can actually bundle up. I enjoy being able to use alot.of cover at night.

    - Animal Lover

    Re: How Do You Fare In Cold Weather?

    Hi Abby!

    I really like cold weather and usually thrive under it. Which is why I still have no idea why I decided to go to a Southern California school, since it's almost always hot and I really don't like heat. For grad school, I hope I can go somewhere cold and actually have weather I enjoy.

    All the best,

    Re: How Do You Fare In Cold Weather?

    I'm like you, definetly do not enjoy the cold! I lived in Florida the last 10 years and now live in Montana. I wear wool leggings under my clothes, wool socks, regular clothes and then a warm coat. I don't play with being cold in the winter !!

    Re: How Do You Fare In Cold Weather?

    I don't fare in the cold weather at all lol. I've been fortunate enough to have never been without heat, but I can't even imagine how that would go for me. I get cold at the slightest temperature drop so I don't know if I would make it through the winter without heating T.T I mean I guess when the time comes my body would have to learn to cope and I'll manage somehow but..
    My way with dealing with the cold weather is also just to layer up as much as I can. You would be seeing me walking about like a puff ball because I have the thickest layers on for my top portion, and then wearing like leggings underneath my pants to trap the heat for my lower half x) I guess I just try to cover up every piece of skin as best as I can, and sometimes I even lose the motivation to talk lol because the weather outside can get so cold and I don't want to open my mouth and breathe in cold air..

    Thanks for the forum! Stay warm!

    Re: How Do You Fare In Cold Weather?

    Hi Abby,

    I am awful in the cold. I have a mild form of asthma that makes me cough all throughout the winter, even after I take my inhaler. And I can never wear short sleeves until around May without getting cold or sick.

    I'm also considering UMich as one of my college choices, so I guess I'm not doing myself any favors lol

    Stay warm,

    Re: How Do You Fare In Cold Weather?

    Hey Abby!

    I totally understand your situation. Although the rest of my house is a somewhat decent temperature, my room manages to be several degrees colder than the rest of the house! I certainly don't manage the cold very well because I find myself never leaving my bed in the winter. It is the only place I can keep warm!

    Have a nice day :)


    Re: How Do You Fare In Cold Weather?

    Hi everyone!

    I do not enjoy the cold. Lately, where I live the high has been in the 20's. I do not want to leave the house. I love warm and hot days. This is not my kind of weather.

    Re: How Do You Fare In Cold Weather?

    I don't do well in the cold. I am from New Jersey and we are getting some awful weather tonight. We have a wood stove and have kept the heat up to almost 80 in my house! I will be happy if it stays that way all night and all morning and I won't have to go outside. Good luck to anyone in the Northeast that is about to be hit by this horrible weather (hoping the weather people are over exaggerating like usual)