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    Tripple Booked Brain Fart

    created by bIceberg 351 days 16 hours ago

    Category: World

    Tripple Booked Brain Fart

    Wow I had the biggest brain-fart today. I somehow committed to being in 3 different places on the same day. I accomplished approximately 40% of that what I needed to do, and there was zero flow in my day. I guess I was just off. I don't even know how I did that, I'm usually so organized.

    Do you sometimes go into space-cadet mode? What was your last brain fart? Why does our memory fail us? Too much stress?

    Re: Tripple Booked Brain Fart


    This happens to me occasionally. It's usually because I'm way too stressed. I take it as a sign to slow down and maybe take a few hours to relax.

    I started using google calendar for all my appointments- even recurring ones- so this happens less now.