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    Needy Pets

    created by bIceberg 358 days 1 hour 16 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Needy Pets

    I'm trying to type on the computer right now but the 3 dogs in my lap (yes all at once) are making it hard. They can't start their day without a morning cuddle. One jumps up and the others get jealous follow suit. It's a funny sight to see.

    Out of the 3 I have one whiner, he's the youngest. He whines to communicate his needs, potty, food, scratches, go for a walk.... but sometimes he just comes off as demanding. He definitely thinks he's a person and tries to talk all the time with the funniest noises.

    Are your pets needy or demanding?

    Obviously we love them regardless but man I bet you have some funny stories. Animals are so full of character.

    Merry Christmas!

    Re: Needy Pets

    Hi bIceberg,

    Haha I totally relate to having needy dogs. My family has two dogs and one cat. The dogs are needy in different ways. One dog is needy in that he needs attention ALL THE TIME. If you try to stop petting him, he will constantly try to flip your arm back on to him so you will pet him more. He is never satisfied haha. He's also needy because after he has breakfast, he will go back to his bowl and push the bowl around to make noise to get someone to feed him more. He does this every morning! My other dog is needy in that he likes his space and gets annoyed when our other dog invades it too much. He also whines to communicate his needs and sometimes we don't know what it is that he wants and will have to try to figure it out by process of elimination. Our cat just whines when he's hungry and then goes back to sleep.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Needy Pets

    Hey blceberg!

    One of my dogs is SUPER needy, but he doesn't mind if he doesn't get the attention all the time. My dogs don't whine or really ask for anything. They're kind of chill haha. I don't think there's been a time since they've grown up that they've whined or barked about anything.

    - Kyle

    Re: Needy Pets


    I call my dog my “needy baby greedy baby” because he is so demanding! I love him more than anything, but he is so odd. He’s incredibly vocal so he will whine if he feels like he’s being ignored. He also gets upset when my husband and I cuddle or hug and he’s not included...he actually growls at us or jumps at us until we pay attention to him too.

    He isn’t needy about food or toys or going on walks. He really just wants all of the attention on him 100% of the time. Despite all that, I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Needy Pets

    My cat is very needy indeed! Especially in the morning. He wakes up at 6am and starts meowing non stop and walking on anyone who is still asleep. He wants one of us to get up and feed him wet food. Then, when someone does go to the kitchen, he will be hot on their heels and always be under foot, meowing loudly until he is feed. It's adorablee and annoying at the same time !.,

    Re: Needy Pets

    Hi, I can relate because last night when I was trying to wrap a few last minute gifts my cat was meowing and pawing at me to pet him, then he wanted to walk on to my paper; purring and generally being a happy nuisance. If its not him then it is the dog barking at me to play with him and if you ignore him then he will sometimes nip you for attention. I can't imagine life without pets though.

    - W