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    What song cheers you up?

    created by bIceberg 353 days 3 hours 57 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What song cheers you up?

    When you're feeling down, what song or kind of music cheers you up?

    When I'm in a bad mood, my partner knows to just start playing my 60's playlist and I can't help but smile. The Beach Boys, The Marvelettes, The Beatles, I love it.

    But the number one song you can't be mad when you hear... "In the jungle, the mighty jungle...."..... it's such a happy song! It's totally on my happy playlist and we sing it in the car together like total dorks hahaha.

    What's your go-to music medicine?

    Re: What song cheers you up?

    Hey there!

    I like listening to fast paced music whenever I’m feeling down. Electronics, trance, techno, etc. I just have so many good memories associated with it from school that I can’t help but feel nostalgic and happy. It also naturally brings you up from its upbeat nature!

    Le Penguin

    Re: What song cheers you up?

    Hey bIceberg,

    Yesss those are all great songs to cheer you up! I agree that you can never go wrong with the 60's baby. What's really been cheering me up lately and gets me groovin overtime is the Brothers Johnson's greatest hits!! Get the Funk Out of My Face and Stomp are two of my favorites from the album and they are the best! Would definitely recommend a listen if you haven't heard the songs before!



    Re: What song cheers you up?

    I love to listen to French hip hop! So much energy!

    Re: What song cheers you up?

    Hi iceberg,

    I love songs from the 60s and grew up listening to a lot of that music because my dad regularly played it. A few years ago the local oldies radio station changed to country or something and there isn't a good oldies station here anymore. One of my favorite songs is Heatwave by Martha & the Vandellas. I always feel happy when I hear that song. I could listen to 60s music and Motown all day and never tire of it.

    Re: What song cheers you up?

    Hands down, I'm Still Standing by Elton John or the song Don't You Worry About A Thing by Stevie Wonder..

    Peace ,

    Re: What song cheers you up?


    I love any song by The Eagles. They are such a great classic rock band. They were a great American rock group who's music is still relevant! Pretty much any song they have created will cheer me up!



    Re: What song cheers you up?

    Hi bIceberg,

    There are lots of songs that cheer me up, particularly Jazz (like Sarah Vaughn's live recordings from Mercy Records and Julie London's older albums). Jazz is one of those things for me that just clicked. I just knew it was right and it I love it.

    Another song that cheers me up is listening to the Downton Abbey soundtrack. I love it because I can almost pretend I'm in the show. Downton Abbey is one of my favorite shows and I love the romance of it all.

    Oddly enough, I will actually put the song on replay when I reply to CNet posts. It helps me concentrate and focus for all five posts. I will keep track of how many times it replays so that I can keep track of how long I've been on CNet each day.



    Re: What song cheers you up?


    I have a playlist with a bunch of feel goo songs that I'll play when I'm feeling down or not as hype. I call it my hype playlist, and I play it before I go to big social events, or need some cheering up. It really works they're all groovy and upbeat so I just dance around and feel better.


    Re: What song cheers you up?


    I really like upbeat music when I'm trying to cheer myself up, something like electropica i.e. Kygo, and I also like raggae/ska pop that is upbeat, such as the song Cheerleader by OMI, Fly by sugar ray, the dirty heads, Lewis del mar, thats what I like - bruno mars, labor day- black eyed peas.

    Happy Holidays,

    ~Riley G. O'Brien

    Re: What song cheers you up?


    When I'm feeling down. I like to put on songs that I know the words to. Singing and dancing to music, even if it's just me alone in my room looking like a fool, always makes me feel better :) I also have a playlist, it's mostly filled with songs I liked in my childhood/pre-teen years (so Jonas Brothers, One Direction, and all that cheesy stuff, plus some classics like Don't Stop Believin' and Mr Brightside). Music is the best medicine!!

    Happy holidays!

    Re: What song cheers you up?


    When I'm down I listen to "Mary's body child" by Boney M. It's a silly, festive song that my dad and I used to sing to. Whenever I get said I play that Christmas tune and my mood improves.