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    Food Allergies

    created by bIceberg 362 days 59 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Food Allergies

    Do you have food allergies? I was talking to my mom and she said she thinks that peanut allergies must have come from processing them with something or a chemical they used while growing peanut because "Back in my day, nobody had a peanut allergy, that was unheard of!" I don't know the stats on peanut allergies, but I do believe that it's the way we process foods rather than the original food itself that makes us so intolerant to it. Sometimes at least.

    For example, I'm allergic to dairy. Cheese, butter, and especially milk make my sinuses go crazy and I sneeze constantly and will have a runny nose until it has left my system. Recently I tried unpasteurized raw milk, and I had zero reaction. I was amazed! All this time, maybe it wasn't actually milk itself I was allergic to, it was pasteurization of milk!

    I've heard similar stories about people with gluten allergies that started making their own bread without sugar and could eat it no problem.

    Where do you lie on the allergy scale? Do you have any theories about your allergies? Were you born with them or did they develop later on?


    Re: Food Allergies


    I do believe that certain allergies have evolved due to chemicals and the way that foods theses days are processed. However, I do think that people also naturally have certain allergies. Could it be that back in the day children were mis-diagnosed? Maybe they had allergies but instead were told it was something else, another form of illness? It is very possible.

    I personally have a very mild nut allergy to walnuts. I'm fine with peanuts and pretty much any other type....(peanuts are not a nut though...they are legume).



    Re: Food Allergies

    Good Morning!

    I am fortunate that I don't have any food allergies, but my dear husband has quite a few allergies. He is allergic to shellfish, sunflower seeds (not oil), and beans (but not garbanzo beans). He developed his shellfish allergy when he was 9 years old, and unfortunately discovered it while eating all-you-can-eat-shrimp at a local restaurant. He was rushed to the emergency room because he couldn't breathe, and they performed an allergy test which confirmed his shellfish allergy. The other two allergies are odd ones. He won't stop breathing if he eats sunflower seeds or beans, but his throat gets incredibly itchy and his lips swell up.

    The husband is also lactose intolerant, and this has just developed over the past few years. I made the switch to almond milk in my household because of nutritional reasons, but I'm completely fine if I drink a glass of milk or eat ice cream. When my husband drinks regular milk or has ice cream, his stomach will give him endless trouble. My father recommended trying unpasteurized milk also, but I think he is a little leery about it because he doesn't want to go through what he normally does. After reading how unpasteurized dairy made a difference with you, maybe I'll have him try it also!

    I think the recent increase in food allergies has to do with how the processing of food has changed over the years. There are many ways to produce foods that deter them from being produced in their natural form, and so many chemicals that get added to foods, that it is hard to pinpoint whether it is the food itself or an external factor that is causing the allergy. It's baffling that my husband can eat foods cooked in sunflower oil but not the seeds themselves, and that garbanzo beans are fine but any other bean makes him itchy.

    Thanks for the forum!