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    Are You A Saver Or Spender Of Money?

    created by Eddie Hyatt 368 days 22 hours 50 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Are You A Saver Or Spender Of Money?

    Be honest, do you save more than you spend money?

    Re: Are You A Saver Or Spender Of Money?

    Hey Eddie,

    Definitely a saver! It's actually kind of problem; because of my almost religious saving habits I feel huge amounts of guilt when I buy something for myself. Even if I really need it, I've wanted the thing for a long time, or it isn't super expensive. I will wear a pair of shoes until they are literally falling off my feet before I buy a new pair.
    Buying two things feels like a huge spending spree.
    Now that I say it out loud it sounds kind of silly. Ah well. I am who I am.

    Becky :)

    Re: Are You A Saver Or Spender Of Money?


    I try to be a saver! There are some very big price tag events coming up soon in my life! I am getting married in the next year and half, getting a house hopefully with my fiance....and of course paying for school. It is very stressful thinking about all the expenses that I will have. I know in the long run these things will be worth it. I really want to marry my best friend/fiance!! I am so excited for us to get our own house together. We have dreamed about this for a long time. Also, I am really itching to finish my graduates degree. It has been about a year...I will have about two more years to finish my degree I believe. In order for all of this to be possible, I must save as much money as possible!!

    Thanks for this forum. Have a great day!


    Re: Are You A Saver Or Spender Of Money?

    I'm impressed by Tom's answer. It was soooo difficult to save during college. Every time I turned around, I had to spend more money on materials! I would spend literally every dime I had on that institution.

    Now that I have a steady job, I save and spend 50/50 around about. It's important to save for all the things that Tom mentioned: a house, wedding, travel, etc. Plus I have a lot of similar sentiments as Becky-feeling guilty for any purchase that's not completely and utterly necessary.

    I've heard that if you live modestly, bike when you can, and save half to most of what you earn, then you can probably retire early! That has been in the back of my mind when deciding to spend or save.

    And I think about if I really need the item, or if I'm just accumulating more stuff.

    How about you, Eddie? Are you a saver or spender?


    Re: Are You A Saver Or Spender Of Money?

    Hi Eddie
    I used to be a spender, but this time I’m a saver. I’m trying to save money for my school so I’m teaching myself not to spend money on unnecessary things.

    Have a good day

    Re: Are You A Saver Or Spender Of Money?

    Hi Eddie,

    Hope you're having a great day today!

    To be honest, I used to be a spender and would buy anything that interest me but I learned to save because I'm now in college and need the money to pay for my expenses.

    Thanks and have a great day!


    Re: Are You A Saver Or Spender Of Money?


    I was a spender, but became a saver. I fix things now rather than replacing, which is fun because i get to learn new things while fixing the item. I also cook at home more than eating out fast foods like I used too( I still do but once in a while). I have also learned new ways to do or save on things to help me budget my money. It;s a win-win situation.


    Re: Are You A Saver Or Spender Of Money?

    Hey Eddie,

    Honestly, I'm a spender. I try to save, but in the end I spend. Mainly on paying my bills early and anytime I'm in a store and see something cute for my 4 month old son, it is literally almost irresistible for me to pass it up(which would probably explain the closet full of 5 totes of clothing, toys, and other miscellaneous things for him.) but I am now trying to save. its a lot more difficult then I thought. its a learning in progress and ill get there one day.


    Re: Are You A Saver Or Spender Of Money?

    Good Morning Eddie,

    I am guilty, I absolutely spend more than I save. I go out and shop more than I should. My plan now for 2018 is to make a budget and save, save, save! Thanks for the reflective forum. Have a fabulous day and weekend.


    Re: Are You A Saver Or Spender Of Money?

    Hello, Eddie!

    I'd say that I'm both because I save more money than I spend. I guess that means me more of a saver than a spender then lol. I'm saving up to pay for my senior dues and graduation fees.

    Have a chill day, bro!

    ~Tanzanian Prince (^_^)