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    Do you wear a watch?

    created by mistervancleef 342 days 3 hours 27 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you wear a watch?

    Do you wear a watch?

    I usually do during the week, mainly to look professional at work honestly. On the weekends, I dress casually and tend to not put my watch on.



    Re: Do you wear a watch?

    Hey Tom!

    I wear a watch about 90% of the time. I think they make me look more put together and like you said, a bit more professional. I switch between a few different watches that I have depending on my outfit and what I'm wearing. haha. My dad wears a watch for work every day and I think I picked my habit up from him!

    I usually use my watch at work but it is perfect for every day as well. I'm an industrial engineer and spend a lot of time on the floor of the warehouse doing observations. It's a lot more convenient to look at my wrist and see how long I've been watching rather than bringing my phone everywhere. Otherwise, I have to find a clock and they're not always conveniently placed where I can easily see them.

    Hope you have a great Thursday!

    Re: Do you wear a watch?

    I used to when I was a kid. That was before your phone could tell you the time. I know some people that still wear watches but I don't really wear watches any more.

    Have a great rest of your day,


    Re: Do you wear a watch?

    Hey Tom,
    I actually also wear my watch for professional reasons. I had gotten a wrist tattoo when I was a lot younger and I don't like to bring attention to it at work, so I wear my watch to cover it. I also use my watch to track calories and steps but I rarely use it to tell time or anything else!


    Re: Do you wear a watch?


    I wear watches all the time. I like watches and they help with time. Yes we all have cell phones and it gives you the time and date, but I am old school I guess. I prefer to check the time and date in my watch rather than my cell phone. If my battery on my cell phone goes out, I at least have a source to turn too to check the time and date.


    Re: Do you wear a watch?

    Hey Tom,

    Yes, I am required to wear it to school because I take pulses and count respiration all the time. I have gotten used to wearing it. Plus phones aren't allowed in the lab and when they see us with it they kick us out. So yeah I have to have my watch on all the time at school.

    Re: Do you wear a watch?

    Hi Tom,

    I tend to only wear a watch if I think it matches my outfit. (i.e. when I'm trying to look more professional) I'll also wear it if I plan to be somewhere I don't plan to have my phone on me at all times, which is mostly when my outfit doesn't have pockets.


    Re: Do you wear a watch?

    Hi Tom!

    I don't wear a watch, but only because I haven't found one that I really like. Most of them seem too big, or like they'd get in the way throughout my day. My personal style is also more vintage and casual, much unlike the big showy watches I see people wear a lot of times. I probably should be wearing one though, just for the practicality of not having to pull out my phone every time I need to check the time. Maybe I should start looking for one I like!

    Re: Do you wear a watch?

    I have a thing for watches to be honest. I don't have the real professional ones though, just the ones that break in like a month because it says it's waterproof but it's not really.. But I lovee watches. I haven't bought one since my last one broke though since it is kind of a lot of money, and I'm the type to never take off my watch and only buy the waterproof ones so I don't have to take it off in the shower lol. Maybe that's the problem..

    But yeah, if I had a watch I would definitely wear it. Now that you mention it that might be on my Christmas wishlist this year lol! Of course I would end up buying it for myself but still!

    Have a good one!

    Re: Do you wear a watch?


    I used to wear a watch until it broke and I haven't fixed it yet... I like watches, not for the fact that they look nice (though they do), but for the practicality of them. In school, when there's not a clock in the classroom, it's nice to have a watch on hand to look at (every five minutes). I don't like having to pull out my phone in the middle of class so it was nice to wear a watch.


    Re: Do you wear a watch?

    Hi mistervancleef,

    I do not wear a watch. Although I like the look of watches, I do not wear one because I find that it gets in the way a bit when I'm typing or going out and about in my life.



    Re: Do you wear a watch?

    Good Morning Tom,
    Happy Friday. No I do not wear a watch, when mine broke months ago I never replaced it. When I think about it, the watch I had was a gift. Now that I think about it maybe I will put it on my list for Christmas (ha, ha). Thanks for the interesting forum and have a fabulous day and weekend.


    Re: Do you wear a watch?

    Hello, Tom!

    I don't usually wear a watch. I don't think that I need to because I always have me phone on me at all times. And if me phone goes dead on me, I can just ask a kind person what time it is.

    Thanks for posting!

    ~Tanzanian Prince (^_^)