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    Whould you eat an ostrich egg?

    created by NjBr 369 days 6 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Whould you eat an ostrich egg?

    Good morning Everyone!

    Whould you eat an ostrich egg? If no, why not?

    Have you ever tried it before?

    Does it taste te same as regular eggs?

    I have never tried it. I don’t think i would ever want to. No reason to be honest, but i just feel weird thinking about it. I don’t like to try new foods. I am a picky eater.

    Have a lovely day!

    Re: Whould you eat an ostrich egg?

    Hi Njbr,

    I have never tasted ostrich eggs before. I don't know anyone who has, I have never even seen an ostrich. I am conflicted about if I would eat it but if I ever did, it would have to be scramble.

    Interesting forum!


    Re: Whould you eat an ostrich egg?

    Hi NjBr
    I have never eaten or even seen an ostrich egg too. I don’t know if I would eat or not but maybe I would eat without knowing lol. I wouldn’t imagine myself eating it.

    Re: Whould you eat an ostrich egg?

    Hi NjBr,

    I have never tasted an ostrich egg and don't know where I could go to try one if I wanted to. I am not interested in trying it but wonder how different they are from chicken eggs. I just know they are huge but have never seen the inside. I am picky but will sometimes take a bite of something new to see if I like it but am usually apprehensive about buying or eating something I have no idea if I'll like.

    Re: Whould you eat an ostrich egg?

    Hi NjBr,

    I would try it. I don't see any difference from chicken eggs. They are still an animal with a brain, nervous system, energetic field, social system, and legs. I think it's weird people eat chicken eggs and drink other animals' milk on a daily basis. It is all strange when you really think about it.

    I am not a picky eater, but I also choose not to eat much dairy and eggs and never eat meat. I am not opposed to new things like ostrich eggs, but I will not go out of my way to try it.



    Re: Whould you eat an ostrich egg?

    Oooh yummy!

    Lol I'm just kidding. I haven't actually tried ostrich eggs before but I feel like it would just end up tasting like any other eggs. I remember being so mesmerized by ostrich eggs though because aren't they like hugeeee? Like dinosaur-egg size kind of huge??
    I would really have to use the biggest frying pan ever to fry that baby up lol.

    But yeah, I'm not that picky an eater and I would like to try each new food at least once in my life, maybe never again if I don't like it. But eggs are just eggs so why not lol.

    Have a good one!