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    Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

    created by MadHatcher 367 days 23 hours 55 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

    Hey CNET!

    My girlfriend and I have slowly started putting up Christmas decorations. We’ve talked about going to get a tree this weekend! We’re going to pick out a legitimate one and decorate it. I haven’t done that since a kid, as my family started using the fake trees because they’re easier to deal with without the pine needles everywhere!

    Have you started decorating for Christmas? Do you do a real or a fake tree if so?


    Re: Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

    Hey Cory!

    My family doesnt decorate a lot for christmas in the first place, so all our decorations sre up!

    We have a real tree, but it's realky tiny.

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

    Good Morning Cory,

    I started decorating the outside of my home with my granddaughter last week. This week we will decorate the tree. What a joy it is to start this tradition with my first granddaughter. Thanks for the forum. Have a productive day.


    Re: Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

    Hey Cory,

    Have fun this weekend getting a tree! I think it's a super fun activity for your guys to do together!

    My husband and I got a tree and decorated it the week of Thanksgiving. I love it. We got a real tree and set it up early this year because we have our own business and the Christmas season is our busiest time of year. We knew if we didn't get it early it may not happen. I love coming home at the end of the day and seeing it all lit up and pretty.

    Growing up we had fake trees the majority of the time for the same reasons as your family. Note: with your real tree, don't forget to water it every day!

    Have a great time and thanks for the forum!

    Re: Have you decorated for Christmas yet?


    We don’t celebrate christmas because it’s not part of my religious beliefs but I really enjoy this time of the year and people buying trees and decorating it. I have always love the beautiful decorations. It sounds like a lot of fun and effort. I wish we celebrated it lol good luck on buying your tree.

    Have a nice day!

    Re: Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

    Hey Cory!

    Now I've seen people put lights & decorations up right after Halloween!! This to me is too early, but who am I to judge you, you might want yours up long enough for it to be worth the work you put into it. I met a man who said it took him three days to decorate his front & back lawn & that that didn't even include the time it took for the inside of the I think that's GREAT, to each their own.

    But I personally put my tree up last weekend. It's a fake tree so i don't have to worry about the tree drying out or the needles falling off so I think it's easier to put those up earlier. My parents buy a real christmas tree every year and usually put it up a week or 2 before christmas xD My mom usually gets the other decorations out, such as the nativity and mantle pieces and whatnot, around the beginning of decemeber.

    Have a great Thursday!

    Re: Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

    Hello Cory,,

    I started decorating the day after Thanksgiving. That's when I got my real Christmas and put it up. I love decorating for the holidays. Really gets you in the mood.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: Have you decorated for Christmas yet?


    My family has already decorated; we put up our tree and all of our decorations about a week ago! It almost seems too early, but at the same time, Christmas is only a couple weeks away! We usually love to have a real tree; it is nice to go spend time together to pick it out, and the variety we get has a really nice citrus-pine smell that makes the house smell nice. This year, however, we have a puppy, so to prevent having a daily tree tipping event, we decided to get a fake one! We keep it up off the ground so the puppy can't destroy it, although I bet he wishes he could :)

    Have fun going to get your tree!

    Re: Have you decorated for Christmas yet?


    We've totally started decorating for Christmas. My family loves Christmas and add the fact that we're having family over at our house for Christmas for the first time, we have to have the house decorated with our awesome decorations. We have a fake tree, it's easier to work with, is reusable, not as messy (but still messy), and we like our little fake tree.

    Happy Holidays!

    Re: Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

    Hi Cory,

    This year I'm living in an apartment at college so there's really no space to put up a tree. Also, since we'll all be gone over winter break we didn't make much efforts in decorations for Christmas. Back home my Christmas decorating always takes place at my grandma's house because my mom hates the mess trees make. (10/10 recommend getting a fake one and just reusing it every year if you're like that too) We always get a real tree and wreaths because of the fresh smell and everything. Decoration always starts after Thanksgiving, so, sadly, I'm missing it this year.

    Hope y'all have a ton of fun decorating your tree!

    - Emma